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I'm not sure if I'm depressed or just sad, lazy, and unmotivated.

| Probably the latter. I think.

| You should find motivation. I'd give you advice, but bitch I don't know a damn thing about finding motivation.

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I get you, but I probably just need to go outside more. Connect with the local human tribe... but fuck that nonsense, I'm not getting the shit beaten out of me just because I'm in a funk.

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Why would you get beaten up? I don't think hiding away is really a long term solution. It's like they say: Sure putting things under the rug will cover it up, but once you step on the rug it'll all come smooshing out.

Ok, maybe that's not what they say, but I think you catch my drift.

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Hiding away seemed like a short term solution until the long term solution fell out. I just live in a small town and I absolutely despise everyone here. So I just stopped interacting with them.

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As a depressed, lazy, sad and unmotivated failure at life, get the fuck out there and interact with the people you do want to, even if they are in a different city or country.

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I will. In a decade when I have the means. In the meantime I'll just... try not to go insane?

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Don't wait. You can get there even if you don't have the means. Don't delay your plans and dreams or you won't ever stop delaying them.

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try workaway

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This thread is permanently archived