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I just found oit are drug dealers

| They would always claim that they made a living with

| Fucking piece of shit enter button
I found out my parents are drug dealers, they would claim that they make a living by selling eletronic stuff but i was never able to see how or where the fuck they did that. It all turned out to be bs when the police came and confiscated all the drugs, a huge quantity that is.

| Now it's your duty to become a huge drug lord and keep the empire running until your parents find a way to bail out of jail
Don't fail the destiny of your bloodline! Make the boss proud

| Omg that should be a shock! You gotta keep the family's bussiness btw, get the hell up and start planting papulas

| I don't even know what to say

| Become a police officer to spite them.

| >>542361

| Nicholas Angel, is that you?

| Write a highly exaggerated book about it and become famous. And become a police officer.

| And a drug lord too while you're at it.


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This thread is permanently archived