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There are only two types of trans people

| Faggots who would rather change their sex than admit they're gay
And straight people pretending to be trans and gay at the same time to play the guilt card on their prey

| Wrong forum go back to whatever slimehole you crawled out of. 4chan? Reddit?

| >>541746
>look mom, i posted it again
think abut it for a second. you came to a venezuelan ricecooking forum on the internet just to say this.

| >>2e9512 i didn't understand the second one so i guess i'm the first, as i'm as straight as a spring

| Dunno what op is going on about, and not a 4channer but something something there are only 2 genders.

| What if I'm trans and bi? That invalidates both of your categories, methinks.

| I'm trans and don't care what my/your gender or sexuality is, just pull my hair and choke me.

| /tttt/ worthy post right here. I'll give it a day until people start discussing agp

| >>541804 I'm honestly sorry and now I see that I was wrong, there are actually 4 types of trans people
The 2 of this thread
Complete retards(which I'm assuming it's your case)
And bandwagoners who think it's the new hip thing to be trans

| look at all these angry fags

| All I want to know is how the fuck do you transition to anything other than male or female. Fine, there are genderfluids. That's still in the standard gender norm spectrum.

| I have intersexed friends that transitioned very nicely.

| >>541904 Intersex is basically genderfused.

| >>541867 I don't think I'm not a complete retard, but is that a category of trans person? I'm pretty sure any and all headassery I may perform is unrelated to my hypothetical transness

| I never understood transphobia. Like, why in the fliggity fuck do you care about what people are and want to be? How sad and angry a person do you have to be to harass them on the internet?

| >>541889
'genderfluid' is just another word for cum
stop making up words, this isn't scrabble
because you people are trying to get me to agree with your bullshit and that is not okay.

| lmao transphobes salty as shit

your pictures are gonna go in the history books like those photos of the ugly angry white people shitting themselves in fury over the black girl going to a white school

you're already done m8

| I'm middle ground on the topic of transfolk. I understand people who have the mental condition of dysphoria, and why they go through surgery, to help mediate with that condition. But the supposed existing genders outside male/female don't exist. Gender also doesn't exist "on a spectrum" - there is a HUGE difference between being masculine/feminine and having gender dysphoria/being trans.

Also, intersex is not the same as being trans. It's a physical biological defect that occurs.

| yeah sure 60 genders don't exist but why do you give a shit if people think they do. let people call themselves starkin or whatever the hell, what does it matter to me when it's their business. society isn't gonna collapse because a trans man would like to be called he. we've only got like 80 years on this earth maximum why don't you all go learn to ride a bike or smth instead of sticking your damn cheeto fingers in strangers' lives.

| What do you gain from acting like this?

| Bad (and old) bait.

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This thread is permanently archived