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Teacher getting bullied what can I do about it?

| This probably isn't the best place to ask but Google didn't give me anything resourceful. (1/?)

| So my chemistry teacher is Indian and really bad at teaching. He is so bad he has a terrible reputation among teachers and students alike, and administration is even considering firing him. While I was never cool with my classmates mocking his accent and culture, I could see why they would give him attitude sometimes. (2/?)

| In the beginning it was just the usual attitude (refusing to do work, talking back) but it was mostly harmless. But recently it's gotten so bad they talk shit about him in his face and provoke him constantly. They even found his YouTube channel where he posts meditation videos and started pestering him about it. (3/?)

| It all escalated now with my classmates saying he has bestiality porn in his phone and that he choked a student. They recorded the teacher while a student claimed he was the teacher's boyfriend. The student started posing next to the teacher, putting his arms around him. Soon he was being surrounded by students laughing. I felt terribly uncomfortable and I find it morally repulsive. (4/?)

| There are many kids out there (myself included) who have dealt with shitty people calling themselves teachers who never faced consequences and now this innocent man is being treated like this because of something that could be fixed through respectful communication. Maybe propose ways they would like to learn or some shit. Literally anything would be better than this. (5/?)

| I know I most likely can't do shit about this, but I'd like to have some hope. Can I stop this? (6/6)

| Wich country

| US

| >>537182
well who could have fucking thought

| >>537182 lit, then there is probably nothing you can do

| >>537182 then your teacher's best hope is to get another job somewhere else

| >>537182 Obviously it would be the US since that's the homeplace of all retards. What you could do is record all of this occuring and show it to the media. Maybe show it to your school admins as well to screw over those fuckers

| he's probably just a teacher because he's indian

| Shit, that's horrible.

Have you talked to the teacher yourself, op? Tell him you feel sorry or that you think he's an ok person. Maybe just ask how he's doing? Talk about how he can teach you better? Maybe do it with some friends who feel as repulsed by the bullying as you.

It's unlikely that he's gonna get support from literally anywhere else, unfortunately. But a little kindness can go a long way.

| There's MANY reasons why he's bad teaching, but being treated like shit is probably part of it.

| I would call the other students out for being pieces of shit. If you really want to make a mockery of them you should record what they do, and edit it to seem like they're horribly abusive to the poor teacher, and then message a news agency with "proof."

They'd be all over a scandal like this. I can see the headlines now "Local School Gas Lights and Abuses Minority Teacher."

But more realistically, just talking to him and saying you're sorry about what happened will help.

| >>537419 Yeah, and then get bullied by all of them

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i know right

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It's high school, they're history in like 2 years. Who gives a fuck what some pump ass high schoolers you know are trash think of you?

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Punk ass*. Not pump ass. Pumping ass is a very different subject.

| Tell him to contact his teachers union. If the administration knows about this and does nothing, they are likely to be sued.

| you don't do anything. it's high school, you can't do anything. it's probably better if he gets fired and then find another job,where he is actually respected. he can't be a teacher is the students don't respect him as one can't be a policeman if he fails to order and controls their inmates.

| >>537571 2 years is a long time to endure bullying. you'll go insane. op should just leave it be and avoid involvement. Everyone has their bad moments in jobs but eventually come to find a decent one later on. just hope he finds a better environment in his next job or something.

| >>537572 Tell us about the subject of pumping ass, gurl, since we know you're an expert on that topic and we're all interested

| First of all, you caring about your teacher says a lot about you. Good for you g/u/rl.

Like someone suggested, you could record some of the footage and send them to the the news or something. Though the more sensible option is to just talk to your teacher and see how's he doing. You'd make his day, no doubt.

And don't be afraid of the bullies, it's high school after all. You won't be seeing %99,9 of them ever again in your life.

Best of luck, g/u/rl. Make us proud.

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How about I show you instead. ;)

| >>3ca331 opa mama


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yes you will definitely go insane from being picked on.

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Umm you guys realize there's people who ger picked on for all 4 years of high school without even doing anything, right? It's really not the worst thing in the world, and frankly I don't think you want douche bags like that liking you anyways.

| Teach him the way of the knights and have him request a formal duel with each person who dares sully his name

| Should tell the other students to back off because he's YOUR MAN. Then establish dominance by sucking the teachers dick in front of them.

| >>7b631f i literraly wanna try it on my fav college teacher but i have a /g/f so i pass on it
Btw what is a man?

| >>539728 A miserable little pile of secrets

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