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Room too hot but fan makes too cold

| I can't sleep help

| Wear a shirt while using the fan?

| Point the fan a little higher, just enough so that the wind misses you, it'll cool things a little but to not so much

| Just stop feeling temperature my guy.

| put your feet in a bucket of ice and you'll forget about the rest of you being cold

| You sleep better under colder temperatures

| Keep the fan on and grab another blanket. Personally I prefer colder temperatures to sleep in. I have a higher body temp and because of that sweat and turn in my sleep a lot. You can anyways grab more blankets at least if cold.

| >>538036 that's what I usually end up doing

| Room too hot. Hot room very hot. Fan too cold.

| wear one sock

| Wear half a sock on each foot.

| Keep the fan on and get cozy with a blanket

| Let me cuddle you g/u/rl! We'll keep the fan on and cuddle! A perfect equilibrium of warm and cool, and most importantly, perfectly comfy!

| Add a light sheet + use a fan on low.

| Try exercising? Warm up your body

| >>540980 then it'll be too hot

| Burn all your skin so the nerves that feel temperature stop working

| kill yourself

| >>541534 but the fan is on

| >>541569 and that'll make the room cold

| Anything can be solved with enough blankets

| >>542428 replace blankets with flex tape and then we have an agreement

| Just put a dimmer on that fan and you're good

| >>542428 no, it's "anything can be solved by sucking enough dick"

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This thread is permanently archived