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| So idk I felt like an adove thread would be nice. I'll guess I'll start

I'm a straight dude. I have a nice girlfriend who I've been with for almost a year. Tonight, she just came out to me as trans, which I've suspected she was in the past but denied everything when I asked. Idk what to do? Like I'm not into dudes, but it's still the same person? I'm confused.

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If she's still trans in a month or two and starts taking hormones and medications, then she won't be your girlfriend anymore. Support her if you care about her, but know the romantic relationship is over.
Also, be prepared for her to fall into unsavory company and everything to go wrong.

| Relationships to me are built on trust, I couldn't be with someone who got together with me pretending to be a different gender.
Up to you, though.

| As long as her personality doesn't change it wouldn't bother me, but I'm not you

| That depends on what you want out of the relationship. As cruel as this might sounds, let's say you want to get married in the future and have children. Granted adoption is an option, but this is a significant important aspect of a relationship to consider.

If you still want to be with your girlfriend, that's fine. But if what I just mentioned earlier resonates with you, you might want to make your next decisions based on that.

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This thread is permanently archived