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What do people do for fun?

| I know everyone does different things to entertain themselves so I figured I'd see what they all are.

| Watch anime c:

| >>2f10d9 that's always fun, I watch anime too especially to cheer myself up when I'm feeling crappy

| I read books, old VNs and fold origami.

| I read books and play video games

| >>89c9d9 Folding origami? Impressive. I've always thought it was cool.

| >>537009 It was a cheap hobby to start, that's mainly why I got into it. Paper is plenty and there's lots of instructions online.

| I use my four hours of free time to make dumb programs and games. I never polish the end result, the programming is exhausting, and in the end they go to the bin, but I always find myself relaxing when making them.

An 'exhausting relaxation' is an oxymoron, I know.

| I watch anime
Do some random things
Play tabletop games with friends

| >>91d056 Tabletop is awesome, makes it harder for me to enjoy PC games when hallucinating together while rolling dice has limitless possibilities!

| Video games, anime, fantasy books, tennis, making silly programs and uploading to github, that other type of "anime", building gunpla, doing random brute force attacks at random sites for no good reason and going out to eat unhealthy food from self proclaimed "gourmet" places

| Haven't you heard?
All the cool kids drink and take drugs!

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This thread is permanently archived