My stepmom dislike me but I still have to live with her

| I don't want advise I just want to bent

| For me it's more like "people dislike me and I dislike them too but I still have to live with them"

Even if you're all alone, hard work is just as rewarding

| Just start working, go to any type of club and wild out. What's stopping you from not being in the house all the time?

| So move out or spend more time iut of the house?

| Fuck her and ya two will live happily like in some hentai manga oWo

| You're not really family do what >>b27a64 said

| Pee on her to show dominance.

| Get peed on by her to show your submissiveness

| Pee on her while t-posing on one foot and shouting nigga and ordering har to make a sandwich to assert supreme dominance

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