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I'm so lonely - a shitpost

| Come on, at this point its safe to guess I have avoidant personality disorder. I don't really want to have any more connections, nor that I'm able to create them, but this feeling at the nights, I hate it.

| Hey, same. Both of us should seek therapy at this point. But if we really are alike, I know we won't.

| hey you remote schizoid

| Hi.

| i dont know the exact identity of my mental illness but it looks a lot like schizoid.

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If you had schizoid personality disorder you wouldn't be feeling lonely. People with schizoid personality disorder are perfectly content in in their isolation.

It's best to leave diagnoses to professionals, you might want to talk to a mental health worker if you're having issues like that.

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what you stated about schizoid and loneliness does not seem consistent with what i read about disorder. they are uninterested in relationships, but still tend to feel incredibly lonely.

i do want to experience a romantic relationship but have no interest in pursuing friendships. am i schizoid? probably not. but i fit many of the qualifying criteria. maybe im just ASD.

its unsafe for me to go to one of those professionals unfortunately so i have to rely on myself.

| >>536957 unsafe to go to a medic? That sounds like quite the story, what are your circumstances? An authoritarian government? Criminal charges? A gang is after you?

Please be something interesting

| Same, I want to be alone all the time, but to be completely isolated from people is pretty difficult nowadays - they're everywhere :с

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just poorly thought out legislation. i dont want to derail the thread. basically any therapist is mandatorily required by law to break confidentiality and have the police SWAT me and basically fuck up my life if i accidentally reveal <thing>.

ill just settle for a self diagnosis. im more convinced now than i was 7 years ago that i must be schizoid. the criteria fit me like a glove (except my longing for romantic relationship).

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AFAIK, in some countries certain mental illness-related diagnoses can really fuck up your life and make you unable to find a decent job, for example. Well, that, and what >>536977 already said.


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