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i'm afraid.

| i'm scared i'll end up old and alone. i have never had a real friend or a meaningful relationship. i'm a shut-in while other people are living out their lives outside of my shitty apartment. i'm missing out on what are supposed to be the best years of my life - some people claim.

| >>536716 me too((

| i don't think about my future too much because it scares me since i have no idea what the plan is. i'm not alright and there is no one to help me out but this stupid computer screen.
one day, i will end my own life, and that thought doesn't even scare me anymore.
i'm getting too old to be a virgin, and it's pathetic. i'm anxious about this, i don't tell anyone because i'll just turn out to be a loser.

| I had the same problem, one happy day I just gave up and accepted loneliness...
Don't be like me, try your best to go outside and meet some friends, my life is miserable and I already accepted it to a point the it makes me feel calm since there's nothing I can do about it anymore

| somehow i keep believing in that magical someone who'll swoop in and thaw my world. heh.
you know i used to be so upset about all my uninteresting problems but now i just don't care anymore. i found a solution.
a permanent one.

| >>536719
too late.

| i'll sleep now, it'll fix nothing though.

| some deep shit. I don't know, find a hobby or something

| Damn dudes. I feel you. Felt like falling under the train today. Thought school sucked for I couldn't make friends, but at least back then I knew what's waiting in front of me. I don't anymore. No one seems willing to hire some lethargic apathetic terriffied weirdo.
So I guess, if you folks are still in school, fight for your future. Visit a psychotherapist, start daring things, go out. If you wanna do a hobby like above guy suggests make it a one you meet people or no point.

| What's wrong with you all? Don't you have to do some work you live from? Or are you parasites, still living from your parents work? You know the day will come they are no more and you'll have to live your live on your own. What you're going to do then without any interests, skills and social contacts?

| im very bitter having to accept loneliness as my future. it hurts, and im coming to believe that the pain will always be there even if i do fill my life with other things.

| >>536879 I can't talk about the others but for me it's easy to have a business exchange with a clear objective and terms.
What scares me is that people may stop liking me without a clear reason they give no feedback on what I did wrong and when they do they hold back the information that I actually need because of some sentimental reson
You can read market trends and adapt to it easier than you can with people and the moral stakes are lower as business is mostly impersonal

| I used to feel like you while I was in college. I had no aspirations and I was scared shitless of everything, especially talking to people.
But this anime I watched made me wanna try, so I sperged through joining a club and kinda talked with people. We didn't become lifetime friends or anything, but it gave me confidence.

| >>536879
I work for a living and live paycheck to paycheck. It's awful, but I can afford enough distractions to keep things from getting so awful I either improve or kill myself.

| I don't have any friends or relationships, but I still end up never being bored or lonely

I do talk to people at work and to family and when I get home from work, I'm honestly just glad that I'm finally alone,since I spend most of the time talking to people at work
And when I'm home, I either read, draw, play games and when I then end up getting bored, then I do something productive like cleaning my place or trying to learn a new language

There's literally so much, you can do alone and when you really wanna be around people, just get a job or go to school

| >>536716
First what are you doing to have a real friend or a meaningful relationship?

A lot of people complain about this but the problem is usually that they are not even trying

| I was all alone and unwanted. I have lived such an unnatural life, devoid of love, sex, and pleasure. Watching sunsets was one of the few joys I had left, and now that too was taken from me. How can I enjoy a sunset anymore, knowing that other men get to enjoy them with their beautiful girlfriends at their side? There was no more life for me to live.

| I like being shut-in neet, but now i kinda became a half-shut-in, as i'm gonna give you guys some tips, things that i do, to feel better.
So before everything i am totally socially awkward, don't like the sun(i do but not that much), hate beachs and summer, and it's summer in brazil fuuuuck, so...
I try only exiting my room after 3pm so the sun is a little less harsh, if you live in a cold place, south brazil, canada, europe, usa you name it, that'll be a least painful experience

| Daily, at 4pm i exercise with the help of an app, then i leave at about 4:50pm to run at a park literally in front of my house until i'm rly tired, then i go home and shower and get ready to go to college
When i get back i resume my neet life: studies, games, manga, anime, music, movies, and /u/
My sleep schedule is fucked up but i try at least to be awake at 4pm and have all my homework done, Then i repeat
Those tiny actions will help a lot, self-esteem, your health, i recommend.

| Aside of exercizing, which is something some people hate and mentally link to those muscled assholes at school with their 0 knowledge of flirting and shit.
(Which is something i did most of my life)
You can also try doing things you've never done before or in a while, or try to learn a new language, try to meet people in social networks(tough one, ik), but i say, there is nothing to fear, my fellow g/u/rl, there are a lot of good things n ppl out there it's just a phase, g/u/rl up!

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