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Reddit is getting too big

| Lately no matter what topic I search a huge portion of the results come from reddit
This is worrying me because reddit is a huge circle jerk of people stroking each other's egos
The whole "karma" system ensures that opinions will converge because many subs use it to determine if you can post or not, so the information you get from there is almost guaranteed to be extremely biased
And yet they keep growing, it's worse than Facebook, at this rate they might take over the internet

| Reddit, like 4chan, Google and other big Social Media, are Giga-sites. There is no threat of them taking over the internet, they already own it as far as conversarion goes. Classic forums have been on the decline for years, and small imageboards can't get out ot 4chan's shadow.

Sad to say, but the metaphorical "Tower of Babel" has already been errected and stands strong. The net won't be different until people decide centralized sites that own all their data aren't good.

| Reddit is actually not bad for hobbyist information, it's only really the political subs that echo-chamber like that. It really depends on the topic you're looking for.

| you know that you can exclude sides on most search engines?

| What media/site is not a circlejerk/echo chamber by today's standard? Even anon forum like this site can be considered as circlejerk; just look at /tech/.

Simply filter the content and information yourself, sort it by new, leave sub that you feel "too circlejerky", ignore troll users, do not downvote posts that you disagree with.

| >>536776
/tech/ is only a cirklejerk/echochamber to those who are used to have proprietary software/hardware echochambers/cirklejerks.
>What? You don't accept microsoft/facebook/google/amazon/apple as general standard? What a circlejerk!
People that complain over foss and oss arguments in /tech/ just don't realize that it's them who are in echochamber/cirklejerk, just because it is the dominant one.

| >>536885
Show us please what you see as insult.

| Ya right, danger/u/ is much better than Reddit c:

| What? Why don't you g/u/rls like reddit.moe !?! I bought it just for you!!! ;~;

| >>536873 since when a circlerjerk is only a circlejerk if you meet certain criterias?

Just because it jerks your dick real good and you agree with everything in there, doesn't mean it is not a circlejerk.

If peple outside of /tech/ is circlejerking about non FOSS shit, then /tech/ is countering that by jerking about FOSS, then both are circlejerks.

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