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I want to be smarter!

| What kind of books would make me smart? honestly, i've been feeling as dumb as a rock and i feel like i should get started with books.

| First things first, do you have a preferred subject?

No one is all smart in everything, the first step is to find your passion and expand your knowledge of it

Many would agree that the mere fact that you are seeking to be knowledgeable is a sign that you are a very smart person

| Plato - Republic

| There are tons of difderent types of books out there. The best thing you can do is to give every genre a shot to decide which ones you prefer.

Aside from books, I also recommend checking out KhanAcademy and Coursera. Both are great sources of information and both are absolutely free.

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You already are smarter than lots of people that are so dumb that they don't can realize how dumb they are.

There is not "that one book" that makes you smarter - except the holy quran, inshallah! ;-) The truth is, that it (almost) doesn't matter what you read. It's more important that you read pretty much and from different epochs, cultures, genres and writers.

But much more important (and needed) than smart talkers are people that actually can do things practically.

| I've read a lot, and I learned that things are pretty repetitive. There are some motives and figures in literature that return over and over again, across time, cultures, genres and authors.
When it comes to literature "classics" I often only read the summary and the authors bio and investigate about the historical/cultural context.

I started reading with comics and manga btw.

| The first step is to get off Danger/u/. Studies show that you lose 2 IQ points each time you visit the site, 4 if you go to /tech/.

| Being smart doesn't necessarily come from reading a lot. The nost important thing you can do to make yourself smarter is to learn how to learn efficiently. Being able to pick up a textbook and learn the subject inside quickly is more valuable than knowing what's in the textbook. The best way to do this, though, is to read a lot, hehe.
Whatever you read, make sure that you're trying to learn something new from every book. If you can do that, it doesn't matter what you read.

| Who needs books when you can fill your head with dicks?

| >>536662 and what about dick shaped books about dicks?

| >>536663 is that a real book?

| >>536667 it's the forbidden dark book written by the mad gurl dicsucc alhazred


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your holy kuran is kinda retarded imo. i might grab any religious text with big fucking pincers. i hate how people think it's pure truth.
i also hate the idea that you can't criticize it, that's plain stupid. it's basically indoctrination, except it's not okay to point it out as such.

| >>536567 try a career guidance test, it will also help you find your passion

| I recommend reading The Trivium. It's a book on grammar, logic, and rhetoric. If you can grasp it I think it will do well to expand your thinking.


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I understand that it is hard to identify irony and sarcasm in written text, compared to spoken real-live talk. But you could have get it from the context of the whole post.
I wouldn't even say the kuran is retarded. It's an impressive piece of literature, just like many other religious texts. But yeah, you are right that it is stupid to think of a book as "pure truth", especially if it's hundreds of years old and belongs to a religious group.

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