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What happened?

| I used to use the /u/app a year ago and it wasn't huge but it had a lot of people and seemed active all day long

Today I decided to come back and it seems emptier...

Did something change to make everyone leave?

| I'm not sure, I started coming around a month ago. To be frank, I was surprised this place existed let alone was active at all.

| Activity goes up and down.

| Nice try pal, but you're not fooling anyone. All newcomers are required to post nudes and you're no exception.

| This isn't the worst it's been though, when the spammer was here it got really dead. It also had a big boost in popularity over last summer. Now I wanr to make a graph of activity over time...

| Long story short: Reol spammer raided /u/ for several hours, server went down for another several hours (or admin shut it down), it went back up, 1-2 hour later the spammer is back.

It went like that loop for days and then admin added captcha. After the captcha, spammer is gone, but so does a lot of active users and shitpost (because shitposting takes 2-3 times the effort with captcha)

| For me it's actually better this way. It's a matter of perspective, really.

| >>536752 iirc captcha was added in the middle of reol loop. However, the captcha weren't jumbled and didn't have a strikethrough on them. So reol gurl was able to brute force it. After several more downtime, we have this kind of captcha and reol died.

| >>536500 >>536512 Sounds like we could really use a complete whole history of Danger/u/ by now g/u/rls.

| >>536515
>It's a matter of perspective, really.
Is that a motherfucking Hellsing Ultimate Abridged reference in the wild, or do I just wish for it to be?

| >>536822 maybe. Probably.
Could be (happening) right now!

| >>536836
You forgot the new mod tool that let mods remove all threads by an ip which was the real nail in the coffin for the spammer, before he could still slowly spam even with the harder captcha, the new tool is what saved /u/ tbh


| >>536979

Actually, the ability to mass delete posts by IP had been circumvented by the spammer. Eventually, a workaround was developed which allowed us to delete all threads posted by the spammer, regardless of their efforts. By that point, the bot they developed could no longer keep up and we were able to outmaneuver him.

After the end of Reolgate, the spammer tried testing other methods of continuing the attack, but appears to have finally quit.

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Thank you for all your hard work.


| >>537023

You're welcome!

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