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Thinking of a girl from the past

| I've spent most of my night feeling down over an old friend and love interest I had. I haven't thought about her in a long while now but still she manages to get in my head.
After a bit of somber thoughts I started to think a little more sadistic.
I want to make her hurt.
I want to ruin her life somehow as a sort of revenge for tormenting me even though I know it's all self inflicted pain.
I want to see her cry.
I want to stare directly at her, emotionless, and watch her weep.

| I want to see the humanity, or lack there of, flowing through her eyes.
I want to emotionally break her.
I want to watch her break down emotionally, mentally.
I want to see her suffer.
That's what I want.

But of course I'm a fucking neet faggot at 5am without sleep who has no intentions of actually acting on any of this let alone even having any ideas of where to begin.

| Punpun, is that you?


| Mfw I want a guy to break me like that but erotically

| That's fucked up. I have a similar girl in my life, but I think it'd be cool if she was happy. Even though, it'll hurt if she gets a boyfriend.

| Make a therapy. With your current attitude you'll never find a partner. Except those who should make a therapy too.

| Sounds way too familiar to me...

Nowadays I just hate myself and avoid getting close to people so I don't hate them too

| >>96f5fa I have a partner. I rarely think about this bitch. Some nights though she does get in my head.
>>ce8bd7 hmu you dirty little slut ;*

| >ow the edge

| You sound like a big homo op, not cool

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This thread is permanently archived