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My girlfriend is treating me bad because

| Im a weeb. I dont let my taste interfere in outros relationship. I always give her attention, but everytime i talk to her about something i like she treats me like im a dumb fuck ir something.
Thats making me real sad.
She is a good person, she always give me advice to do something good with my life.
But that shit she is doing hurts me, what should i do?

| See? This proves my point exactly. 2D waifus will always be superior.

| This is why being a crazy cat lady is just all around a better choice, at least cats don't pretend to give a shit about you.

| Imo respect is the backbone of a relationship so that's a red flag. What does "doing something good with your life mean"?

You may take her advice if it's good, but you are who you are and if you honestly enjoy your hobbies you shouldn't change them

| If you like what you do, don't change
There's gotta be a hobby she has, tell her, that you accept her interests, so she should learn to accept yours
She doesn't have to share your weeb interests, just accept them

| Weebs sucks my dudes, you'll understand it someday

| >>536054 she convinced me to stop slanging drugs and try to enter college.

| >>536089 And where do you think we are ?

| >>536103
Well, selling drugs is risky, so that's probably good advice.

I think you should just tell her to respect your hobbies though. If she can't accept the fact that you enjoy something that she doesn't, that doesn't hurt her or the relationship in any way, then that's no good.

Sure, dumping someone because you like anime sounds dumb, but you should see it from the perspective that she doesn't accept you for who you are, and that's not someone you keep around.

| Probably your girlfriend is righ tbh. But *in theory* partners should be on equal footing and respect one anothers' choices.

TL;DR: Your girlfriend is your mom.

| Maybe confront her about it, ask her to watch some good anime of your choice and say she'll love it. You'll only have one hit at it though. Being normie's tough, man..

| does she know that it hurts you?

| Tie her up and make her watch anime until she becomes a weeb

| >>536103
This is the ideal scenario. Get her addicted to your cock with mindbreak drugs and sex just like in hentai doujins.

| >>536743 no NTR? get the furrak out of here!

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