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| https://a.uguu.se/ZX0VtuLKDaBG_AnAwkwardMaid.png
H-hey g/u/rls, it's been a while.

| Wow it's been so long...

| ^^

| Teach me to be a cute maid

| if i catch my maid posting on this website, boy am i gonna punish her!

| Welcome back!

| >>536092 but why? What do you have against maids?

| >>535978 why do you guys keep posting imgs. here, just accept that this is text board, not img.

| >>536129
she should be fixing my dinner and cleaning around the house, not slacking off.

| >>536294
OP here,
I'm well aware of the board's nature, I'm just posting for fun's sake, since the board is so casual and freeform. As well, I tend to post temporary links here. The OP link expired yesterday, so I have no illusions of using the board as an archive.

| >>536294 i shall fight for maidposter-chan. You should welcome maidposter-chan back. This g/u/rl has done great things for this textboard.

| >>536309
>K-kay Boss, I'll get to it...!

| I'd like to request more maids, please!

| >>536486
I'll be trying to get something out each week.
Do you have anything in mind?

| >>536772 I'd like an elegant and dignified maid, please!

| >>536772 sexy nude maid please!

| >>536772 whatever maid you want to post, maid poster!

| Get perma links!

| Perma maids!?! Please tell me this means perma maids.

| I have a mediagoblin account so I can start posting links from there.

Can do.
Won't do.
Thanks for the vote of confidence!

| Noooo I missed the maids!

| Your links appear dead

| I wanna be a maid so bad, I brought an outfit and everything but unfortunately I'm really messy

| https://goblinrefuge.com/mediagoblin/u/gespenstr/
I have a few of my past pictures up here. I'm uploading newer ones, but GoblinRefuge does things slowly, unfortunately.

| Nice, hope you'll get them up soon!

| Bump

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