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What is the most recent inedible object you've eaten/eaten part of?

| Accidentally or on purpose.

| I regularly deepthroat myself with a pencil, but I don't really eat it.

| i had a small piece of a wrapper from a small chocolate bar in my tea

| Does paper count? Because then it's totally paper, and on purpose. But that was years ago. Well, that's the most recent one that I'm aware of, at the very least.

Captcha: even seems handy. Truer words have never been spoken.

| On purpose, that yellow thing they used to fill pillows with and idk I eat it when I'm anxious as hell
Btw my captcha says dick in Spanish lmao

| Just about everyone has eaten paper and glue at some point since that's on ice cream cones and hard to get all of it off

| Liquid soap, on accident, thought it was apple juice

| I think I consumed a bit of paper towel on accident.

| Pretty sure I just had some cardboard go down my throat because of those shitty cardboard straws.

| I snorted coal and cat sand. Not really eating, but it's at least a form of consumption.

| I swallowed a vibrator and it hurt until it ran out of battery I think I gotta go to the doctors
captcha stabs trap frog

| >>535959 that's kinda hot but also sounds painful

| I sometimes ate toilet paper

| my soul

| My aunt made a birthday cake for my mom and put some letter things on the cake. I don't think they were edible, my parents picked off the letters but for some reason I thought they were those dried icing letter things so I ate it. It lacked any taste and was hard to chew so I'm assuming it was some kind of inedible or otherwise unhealthy object. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

| >>535977 it was extremely painful

| Paper back then, on purpose. Now it's 4 days old schnitzel.

| A feather, it's not tasty and it's hard to swallow, I had my reasons

| >>536540
Schnitzels are amazing dude. 4 days old is still good.

| ur mom's ass

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