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Confession Thread

| Confess now, and Admit your Sins.

| i am an advocate for slavery, literally.
freedom is overrated

| I am not sexually attracted to Rogesar. Not to Johnny either.

| I do nothing to overtake my laziness.

| I'm mildly drunk and just dipped my index finger in my piss-stream and tasted it. It tastes like nothing (clear piss, not yellow)

| I'm a piece of shit who keeps blaming my undiagnosed illness that I'm not able to do anything when really I'm probably just too lazy to do anything about it

| I think hitler was great untill world war two

| I'm the type of person that doesn't want a "dedicated career."

I'm not afraid of commitment or anything like that, I've just seen so many people working themselves to death trying to get their "dream job." Trying so hard to leave a mark on the earth.

I never understood that.

It's only when you're content with being a nobody that you'll truly feel alive.

| I'm a bit worried that I've been subject to a little bit of the Dunning Krueger effect and am only now realizing I'm worse than I thought at everything. On the other hand, it could be imposter syndrome.

| I unironically think that life (for all living things, not just humans) is inherently something which is painful, cruel, and shouldn't be inflicted on anyone or anything to the extent that mass universal extinction (albeit painlessly) is the only longterm ethical goal to pursue

| I secretly want someone to force me to dress myself up as a girl, but wanna act like I actually don't want that

| I've got so many good, creative ideas that wouldn't be that hard to actually make a reality, but I'm too lazy to do it and I want to do it but I just don't and I'm kind of suck.

One day though! One day I'll follow through with more than just one of them!

| I'm a misanthropist and an overall grumpy person. I have to work as a cahhier in a small shop. When a coustomer comes in I act normal as usual but in my mind I put them in different scenarios where I kill them horribly. That makes me smile and improve my work performance.

| >>535564
i can agree. not into the whole strasserism thing and killings tho

| >>535586
and the day shall never be 'today'...

| >>535736
Exactly! One day though. Not today, since I'm kind of tired. Not tomorrow, since it's my cousin's birthday. Not the coming week, since school and stuff. Not the week after that, since same shit.

But one day! This year, maybe. Or next year. Or maybe 2020. Nice number and stuff...

| I fapped to a hentai once

| I've been neglecting to do some of my assignments for my college major. I have no drive or motivation for anything anymore really. It's really becoming a problem, I isolate myself too. I started seeing a therapist by school to help me.

| >>4aea86
hey, you're powerful. don't give up here

and seeing a therapist is proactive; should feel at least a little proud

| I don't love my gf but she loves me and I can't leave her.

| I'm the one who shook your pringles and broke all the chips when you were a baby, Caroline. I'm sorry. :(

| >>535870
You should probably dump her. Even if it seems like you're being nice, you're just wasting both your guys' time and preventing her from finding someone who actually loves her back.

| I broke the angry burg combo.

| >>f6d0c3 you fucking sinning heathen theres no forgiveness for this absolutely heinous and disgusting act against god and humanity itself

| >>535743
at some point, it will have to be 'today'... or else it will never be...

| >>536084
Yeah! One day, it will be today. But not today. I'm pretty tired. Didn't sleep well last night. You know how it is.

| >>536125 You know procrastinating isn't healthy for only some people.

| Ever since I was 16 I've not lived a day without the thought of suicide. It's just kinda always there. Self harm things as well.

| >>536161 I can relate. Do you have a reason why not to do any self harm? Is it fear of pain? Thinking it as an ill thought? or simply emotional matters? Just curious.

| I am in love with my teacher. I have crush on him since I first saw him. I'm so much in love that I have dreams about him. My heart is pounding like crazy when he's around. Well, the problem is that I'm 15 and he's around 45 and he has kid, but is divorced. So I guess there's no chance to be with him. It's tearing my heart apart.

| >>f82d22 well rape is always an option

| >>536271
pls tell him anonymously and make a thread when you do

| >>536271 Give his meat a good ol' rub. Then make a thread about it.

| >>536271 Tell him after you graduate
Or tell him now, if it's not too weird for you
Maybe you can have a sneaky relationship, while he's helping you with school stuff

| To be honest, I also like one of my teachers, she's around 30 (judging by her looks) and I'm 20
Now I dont know her enough to say, I'm in love, but I really like her and even imagine in class sometimes how a relationship with her would be like

I think, I'm just into the idea of a student-teacher relationship
I also chose Kawakami as my girlfriend in Persona 5

| >>536271 Now I made a small research. I'm thinking this type of relationships at your age are pretty common. You should speak with him and have his advice. It looks like teachers are receptive about these kind of situations.

| >>536271
I'm same age, though not in the same situation. It would probably be a good idea to tell him just to get it off your chest.
If he feels the same way I strongly advise against getting into a relationship with him no matter how tempting.
The most likely thing to happen though, would be him having a talk with you and help you get over it. It'll probably take some time and won't feel good, but it's better than doing nothing and hurting yourself emotional.

| I'm not really a g/u/rl...

| >>536346 You are on the fist stage of grief.

| I'm checking my phone every second to see if he's willing to talk to me again. But I'm coming to the realization that he was abusive and I really don't know what to do anymore. He told me it was I who was abusive... I'm really hesitant to think that he was, but if everyone around me says it was him and only him who says it was me... I guess it really was him... and him ghosting me was his last grasp of power... so why am I still hoping he'll message me?

| >>536235 I'm not honestly sure why, but I think it's a control thing. I can't help feeling suicidal, but I have enough control to not self harm I guess. When it gets bad, I just get really apathetic. Shut down. I wish you luck with this, friend.

| >>535564 +1 bro, hitler of 1939 did nothing wrong

| >>536271 Honestly, just keep it as your secret school crush. When you're an adult knowing a child or teen has romantic or sexual feelings for you makes things super awkward and kind of ruins the relationship dynamic.

If you still like him after you've grown up, you can always go back and confess then

| >>536390
Letting go is hard. Probably it's time to put the phone away for good.

| Я съел деда

| I was love beam chan

live more , love more and let others live to love another day!


| I took dog dick in my pussy about a week ago and it actually felt amazing
Captcha: hogan humid evan

| >>536583 You made me consider lobotomy.

| I want to be loved

| >>536748 I love you, I love every single thing and person
Love more, live more and let others live to love again!


| >>536748 i love u ♥️

| I feel alone even when I'm not, I constantly get sad for no reason and I push my friends away when I do and feel horrible afterwards

| >>536917 yeah we experts call that depression for some weird reason.

| >>536917 I do exactly the same thing, the thoughts and guilt of doing so go through my head everyday and make me feel like complete garbage all the while. It physically makes me sick. I'm sorry you go through the same thing, hang in there and understand it's part of a bigger issue and not because you are terrible or anything along that sort.

| >>535861 A bit late to follow up on, but thank you for your kind words and thoughts. I really appreciate it.

| The only thing that has given me any forward momentum in life recently is talking with a gurl I like. I've gotten healthy, exercising consistently and started taking work seriously.

But I kinda already know that it wouldn't workout, she's moving to Japan and I'm not getting any screw me vibes. Meantime just enjoying wistful thoughts of how nice it would be to be a couple.

Lowkey afraid that if I were to ask her out that the progression from degenerate will disappear. Pathetic.

| >>537407 I know that feel bro.

| I might be Trans. I don't really know, and I'm afraid because even if I am there is no way I'd come out

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