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I wish I were killed at birth

| It's unreal how much I hate myself. idk why I call myself a person because I clearly am not. fuck me.

| This isn't funny or creative, pls stop

| I was thinking of making that joke too, but then I realized that it wouldn't actually be a joke

| This but unironically

| >>531808
It gave me a lil chuckle
Made my night a lil better

| Ok this just got so real.

| New idea. Why not post these threads in /test/? That board needs some love, and although it technically isn't meant to be a containment board for memes that have ran too long, it's dead enough that it could be repurposed as such. Everytime a series of threads gets old, we'll just /test/ it.

| >>531820
Already beat you to it.

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This thread is permanently archived