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Advice about a friend.

| I am introverted, but blessed with some friends. However, one of them has been setting me on edge more and more. We go periods without talking between semesters, but during them she gets pushy about meeting. I like her when she's normal, but she excessively telling me how great a friend I am or giving me gifts in a manner that feels like she's sucking up to me. I don't want a friendship about inflating my ego, but I don't know how to tell her to stop that without hurting her.

| Not a solution but my gf sends bi-daily paragraphs of how great and amazing and perfect i am but i dont believe im any of that, i hate it when shes constantly inflating my ego like that. I just dont know how to twll her to stop cause im afraid itll make her feel bad or worse. Dunno

| >>50315e Sounds like exactly the same place I'm in, which sucks ass big time. It's like being stuck between a rock and a hard place, especially because you risk feeling like an asshole because someone you like is trying to be nice to you, but it's just taken too far. Compliments and kindness are nice, but even those can unfortunately be taken to excess.

| Not an expert, but I would recommend being respectful and honest about telling them. Don't sugar coat things, let them know what is making you uncomfortable in the relationship. Once you've communicated your side, take care to see their response and further the dialogue. Try to make sure you both come out feeling better about the relationship.

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This thread is permanently archived