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Love is blind

| and deaf and mute and disabled. Probably retarded and has Asperger's too.

Is useless. Haven't contributed anything to society and history. Creates conflicts and misunderstanding. Have inflicted damage to a lot of people, and is to blame for making them commit suicide.

It doesn't do anything but exist yet some consider it, if not the most powerful, the most greatesr unknown force in the universe.

No wonder we can't go to Mars at half the speed of light.

Pff. Very pathetic humans

| ow the edge

| YOU'RE blind lmao gottem

Love is quite obviously important to the ability of humans to reproduce and propagate. How do I know? Because almost everyone does it, and it's got to be a beneficial gene to spread so far.

| How did you come to this world, then?

| >>529177
Shitty thing about it is that love generally isn't anything more than just desire to reproduce with the most, uh, "successful" partner. As somewhat of a hopeless romantic, and have been fed the image of pure blissful love of all kinds of media, I have found it to be quite a disappointment.

| Boo hoo...

I love someone and that someone loves me, and this 14 we'll fuck really hard for people like you who are alone (•́︿•̀)

| how the fuck did you write this

and why am i replying you can't read it either

| >>529386 Not anymore. (Romantic) love evolved from simple and animalistic "gotta fuck something" to a complex and beautiful emotion. It's one of the examples of Man's triumph over his simple nature.

| Romantic love is a force of unconditional care for something, so it can be blind indeed.

| Next you want humanity to go extinct.
OP is edgelord, next!

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