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I wish black people were killed at birth

| it's unreal how much I hate black people. idk why I'm calling them people because they clearly are not. fuck niggers.

| thats not nice to say

| You are now aware that black people are more likely to be aborted than born.
>tfw only millennial in family ಠ╭╮ಠ

| edgy

| I'm really sorry to hear about OPs disease. I really hope it can and will be cured.

| If so, then you wouldn't exist, OP.

| Same, but with the French. Fuck their tasty croissants and their sexy accents.

| I'd say even futher - fuck Millenials!

oh wait

| I wish people were killed at birth

| >>aa8c90
but who help people kill at birth people?

| i wish it i nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

| >>529143 robots, that's who!

| >>529131 >>529143 People die when they are killed

| Fuckyan nyaggers


| I was going to philosophize about blacks a bit, but then I realized, OP's liar, you love them. There's so much love in your words.

| ...and not have to suffer the terrors of institutional racism. I feel you, OP.

| $10 says OP is black

| Why do you hate black people? Hate me instead. I deserve it, trust me.

| greys are superior to blacks and whites
captcha: greys wii flyer

| So do I OP, so do I...

| Deport blacks to Africa

| Well I'm also a racist.
But in this snowflake generation of ours likes sucking them monkeys off. We can't do shit about this problem and we will outrun by them some day in the future.
What's my suggestion? Just live the moment we have while it lasts.

| I wish this thread was killed at birth.

| >>530046
ok nigger retard fuckface

| Why in unholy hell is this thread still running

| REEEEE OP is a faggot, next

| >>530046
Lynch yourselves faggot

| >>530113 go back to 4chan

| Well, this is a board for dangerous thoughts.

| Grated but now you're a woman and every year a nigger impregnates you and you have to give birth to that lil nigger just so that he can be killed.

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This thread is permanently archived