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Fucking niggers...

| Am i right?

| >>528896 Yes I agree OP. Black people are great at fucking, I wanna fuck a black guy as well!

| lol wat

| >>528907 I'd say they even surpass white people on this field in a way.

| What is nigging?

| I love a Black pussy dayum

| What are figgers (figures?) and why do you want them to do nucking?

| nigging niggers for their nigglets

| Uhmmm where is your n-word pass mister?

| whats wrong with machines for excavating earth?

| I wish for a big booty negress to sit on my face

| I hate niggas too

| i wish i was white

| Can't say I've ever had intercourse with one but there was this hot black chick I really wanted to get with once.

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This thread is permanently archived