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How to make Friends?

| I'm talking real world friends, not virtual ones.vi had to move for a job, and I'm pretty lonely and don't really know the proper way to go about meeting new people. Bars and clubs seem pretty intimidating, so I'd prefer not to do that, but I don't know any other ways?

| Try something new or something you've done in your old town. I was in the similar position few years ago until I've joined the choir (even though I nad a feeling I can't sing shit, lol). It doesn't have to be the choir but you get the idea - try expanding your hobbies and find people who have similar ones in your area or go crazy and try something completely New.

| Tulpas are real, goddamnit!

| Try hanging out at a small cafe nearby. I met some decent people working at one and met my gf there. Usually at small shops people are a lot more sociable and can often strike up convos. Hell, even the customers were sociable. One guy was chatting with me about politics and how jews and rich people were controlling us like sheep or something. Some points he made i agreed with, others i thoughy he was strung out. Cool times tho.

| with a shit ton of clay, patience, and imagination.

| >>528983
Eh, pretty sure no one's gonna approach me. And I'm way too shy/anxious to approach someone on my own. So that's probably out of the question for me.
Still, I should probably should at least try it out. Sounds comfy as heck even if I don't end up meeting anyone.

| >>d678b0 i had zero social skills before working there. Im a very shy person and i find it hard to talk to people. Just visit a few times and have small chat with the clerks or whatever to start. It is very comfy.

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>have small chat with the clerks or whatever to start
Ah, and there the problems begin to appear.

| You have to wake up in a weird island zoo to meet friends

| >>528866 Ayylmao tulpa friend. Anyone with is a tulpa is my friend unless you're not

| You go to someone and say "Hello, you! Pls be my friend" and smile intensely

| Add friends

| You don't

| Dont ask about How get friends in a anom board.
Thats the First step

| Why df people justify being shy with anxiety? Theres nothing related between.
I have anxiety and panic attacks but still i can keep a good social life. The fuck.

| How about meet ur virtual friend irl? They may understand even if you are too shy or have anxiety lol

| >>529871
Because anxiety can manifest itself in different ways and with varying strength?

| >>0fd8bb Cafe as mentioned before isn't a bad idea. Or see if by you there are any free events taking place. The trick is to get yourself out of the house, but do whatever the hell you feel like. Usually people navigate to people that look like they are having fun doing something.

| >>42de1c Maybe, maybe not. But I'm gonna meet one of my online friends irl in a few hrs (timezone GMT+0900)

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