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I wonder what happened with twincest gurl

| She just sort of disappeared

| Catfished, dungeon, you know the drill

| What twincest gurl ?
Am i missing something ?

| >>528788 there was a thread about like half a year ago about a g/u/rl who was in love with her twin sister.
The thread ended on a cliffhanger and we never got a part 2.

| >>528823 oh ya. I remember that. Never did see the follow up. i cri errytim. Possibly didn't end up going well, so g/u/rl figured she wouldn't come back to share the failure?

| >>528838 I remember seeing her on a thread that was talking about incest and I remember her saying some joke like "imagine fucking your twin oh wait I already do that" or something.
But you can never be too sure on anon sites

| >>528838
i think it went so well she lost all need to go on an anon board to vent, now she has an amazing soulmate she can give all of her mind and body too.

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This thread is permanently archived