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Tabletop gurls

| What are you all?
I'm a tiefling warlock/bard

| Genderfluid asexual transogre white knight

| so far i've been:
neet tiefling moon druid
draconic sailor bard/cheerleader
1 cha wood elf ranger
hippie gnome wizard
well-meaning kleptomaniac halfling swash
somehow not edgy half-orc vengeance paladin
"hey have you heard of this obscure band called andrew jackson jihad" half-elf sorcerer
human homebrew rogue (literally just james bond)
goblin named ratface

dnd is fun lol

| Almost always Neutral Good, gravitate between bard and druid.

The last character I made was a lawful good monk, though.

| Wtf are nyou guys talking about?

| thought this was going to be about having sex on tables tbqh

| >>528398 Sooner or later, all DnD sessions end like that.


| >>528398
We're talking about F.A.T.A.L.

| >>528463 thank youuuuu

| I like to play clerics and barbarians. Many a character has been made, but my favorite was my Chaotic Good con artist, who was believed to be the Chosen One of his village hometown. In reality, his childhood friend had been the Chosen One but he conned his village into thinking he was the real chosen one to gain some respect in the town and prevent himself from being exiled, but ended off getting sent off on his own at fourteen to prove himself.

| Op here, I'm the dm for my current campaign so I actually get to play around with a lot of classes and character combinations, but my favorite I played so far was my alcoholic college of blades bard for a friend's oneshot. The defensive capabilities of them are really solid, especially when combined with defensive duelist. He also hit pretty hard because I used Shadow Blade. Lot of fun.

| I've never played dnd because all my friends that play are either (a) homebrew-only, (b) too into their current game to start one with a newbie, or (c) refusing to teach me. Feelsbadgurl

| What's wrong with homebrew tho?

| I am mostly notorious for my "reformed" chaotic good tiefling sorcerer of wild magic origin, who shat a few fireballs under himself hurting more friends than foe, burned off a town guard's face with searing rays that one time because he freaked out, and counter spelled the everliving shit out of the Big Bad Boss, much to the master's chagrin. I swear I'm not "that guy."
Other than that, I often end up as a quiet and unambitious neutral good cleric, artificer or wizard.

| >>528796 nothing in particular, just that the added non-standard gameplay seems to be unnecessary confusion for someone like me who's never played

| I have been
A murderhobo vampire
A whip-wielding half-elf thief
A drunken fennoswede
A necrophiliac
A vampire with illusion disciplines
A disgraced king
A zombie-killing priest
A frog shaman
A troll sorcerer
An adrenaline-addicted vampire(they cant produce their own so he had to play with his victims before feeding)
A corrupt secret agent hacker with clastrophobia despite living on a spaceship like in Firefly

I think that's all of them, not counting oneshots and GM sessions.

| Why you talk about pen and paper rpgs if the thread title says tabletop?

I have an empire (kislev) and dwarfen army for warhammer fantasy. But I stopped playing with official rules because gamesworkshop fucked up their system. Fortunately there are community created "open source" rulesets like "armies of arcana".

| >>529090
Because pen-and-paper RPGs are also called tabletop RPGs, so yeah.

FWIW, I've wanted to get into WH40k, but the prices are way too steep and considering how "popular" it is around here my hypothetical army's more than likely to spend its life on the shelf.

| >>529090 where do you usually place that pen and paper gurl

| in my lap>>529121

| >>529166
Care if I join you to, uh, "play" there?

| The last character I played was a chaotic good Gnome paladin that's obsessed with killing kobolds and dragons.

| >>529228
A chaotic good paladin, huh. And a gnome at that. Oh, what has the world come to...

| ...I'm the faggot who posted that tabletop thread in /d/, enough said

| >>529014


We need more roleplayers like you.

| >>529239 I'm usually the DM, and it's a role I take very seriously, but as a player I'm just trying to amuse myself.

| >>529239 we got a boring rules lawyer puritan here gurls

| >>529515
It's not really about the rules though, it's about the IDEA™

| >>529524 think the asshole crusader killing people in the name of their god, or you know vengeance paladins which really scan far more chaotic than lawful imo

| Aasimar Sorcerer with a heavy ice theme. I'm a snow angel. My other character is a Gnome Cleric (because the party needed someone to keep them alive)

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