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Do you think the world is boring?

| I mean i think it kinda is

| Not just the world, this whole timeline stinks!

| Have you tried travelling? I've heard it's fun.

| >>527976 Nah, I did, not really. World's boring op's right. Sometimes scary too.

| >>527976 That does sound fun, but have you tried not having money? Wow! One month in and you're already an instant ramen connoiseur!

| >>528048 been there, done that (still do to some level). This doesn't mean you can't go to another town, for example. Small travel is also a travel.

| no I do not.

| There's lots of stuff, you can do unless you've literally done everything, but I kinda doubt that tbh

| There's a lot of ghost towns where I live, and adventure is always somewhere it seems.

| The world is boring for people who dont know how to live

| Maybe if you didnt lose your time bitchin' about it in a anon board you wouldn't feel bored like this.
I bet you just masturbate and play video games, to bem saying shit like that.

| >>528091 You seem the kinda nigga to tell depressed people to cheer up.

| >>528110 no i dont lose my time doing this, it wont change shit.

| when my friends get depressed i just take then to see some movies, we take a walk in the park, go to the beach, meet some people. I rather show then what life had to offer than just sayin stupid words.
I would do that with OP if i had a chance, but well, were on an anon board

| but i cant stand people who just bitch about everything and have pity of themselves rather than doing something with they lifes.
This isnt depression, this is being pathetic

| >>223a09

| >>528125 Wow. Much inspire. Many wise. Wow.

| >>528145 replying that with sarcasm dont make you sound smarter than anyone, just saying.

| people get offended because im saying that sitting your ass all day bitchin' about life isnt depression.
you guys dont even try to understand what depression really is, banalizing something that is really serious, WTF.

| >>528173 Op never did say he was deppresed, just bored

| >>528224 just read what>>c0125f said, damn

| It is now and has been for the last 4 years

| Life used to be boring, but for the past couple months I've been having a pretty good time. I've listened to some fun new music, learned about things that interest me, skiied a lot, and generally occupied my time with a lot of activity. I've also spent a lot of time philosophizing and trying to make my life and outlook less crowded.

| Do you prefer to be bored, or sad? When I am feeling sad or blank, I'm usually alright with wallowing in my misery for a day or so, but when I am bored, I can't wait to not be bored again. Does this mean it's better to be sad than it is to be bored?

| >>528535 I've experienced absolute boredom before. Not really hopelessness like now, but I'd pick my current condition over boredom any day. I used to get physically sick if I didn't have something to occupy my hyperactive mind. VSauce made a very interesting experiment in one of his videos relating to that. Kind of makes me pity the inmates of that supermax prison.

| >>528173 I'm tempted to ignore you just to irritate you, but fuck it.
I get what you're saying, but I'm also pissed off because YOU'RE pissed off. Not like I've never been, but that doesn't help much.

| >>528551 calm down, friend. no use in getting angry.

| >>528555 Exactly. There's no use in anger, except for manifesting hostility, yet people still express it. Granted, there are times when you have to go through a period of time where you become enemies and conflict to stregthen bonds and understanding, but the trivialities of which is something I've not troubled myself with, so I honestly, that is to say, don't really give a shit.
I'm not that angry btw. I just find getting angry to be fun.

| >>c0125f If you getting angry because of what i said, It just shows that the cap fits perfectly


| le >the truth hurts dunnit
le >lole how predictable
le >funi ha gotcha moment
You aren't that much better than me, you know that?

| It is if you can't find anything worth your time.

| >>528091
Hey, I take offense to that. I play video games and masturbate and I don't say shit like that.
Look at this Chad. Going outside? Pft.

| >>528956 well, its okay to do that, but you cant complain of life being boring if you just do that shit everyday

| >>528125
>E D G Y
>D D
>G G
>Y Y

| Who says boredom must be something bad? It's good for health not to be thrilled and exited all the time.

| If you think the world is boring, I think it's time for us to go outside, OP.

| It can stop time for five seconds. Is timestopping boring now?

| >>529107 pls teach me how

| >>529107 ZA WARUDOO

Captcha says

angus like anal

| Yeah, it's boring as heck. That, or I am actually suffering a bit from attention deficit.

| Nah, I always find something interesting. Even if it's familiar or strange. If I get bored, I immediately try to change that emotion. Might be a bad call in some cases however.

| No this world is super interesting. We limit ourselves with stuff like work, school, and responsibilities. These eat up so much of our time we don't get to see so much of the awesome things this world has to offer

| imo it's all a matter of discovering the way to trick your brain into being excited about stuff

| ^Like porn and drugs

| >>529345
Except porn and drugs actually make it harder for the brain to get excited about anything in the long run.

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