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Feeling Bad For Being Kind 2

| Hello. I've made the same post with the same title long time ago

I just want to thank those who helped me before. Again

Especially the doormat guy

"Be kind, not doormat" or something like that, he adviced me

It hit me pretty deep, and I still use his advice until now

My life is great. So much better in fact

Tbh I don't think those who helped me are still here but I wish you have a nice life. You guys are my savior

Thank you

| All the best to you man

| good luck out there!

| >>527875 That's some good advice that guy gave you. People are messed up and take advantage of you or treat you like a bad person just because you happen to be nice, Never be too nice with people because they don't deserve it. Be nice to yourself first before others. Have a blessed day

| OP, did you get back what was taken from you?

| >>527973

Of course ! I got it back the day after I made the old post. It was indeed a bit scary but I did it. Thanks for asking :D

- OP

| >>528053 Good to hear it.
It's nice to see you got more assertive and it having a positive effect on your life.
Keep going and you'll be just fine. Good luck!

| Woah! A follow up! Way to go OP. Do your thing.

| Fuck being kind.

| When i was a fucking asshole i didnt had to deal with the shit i have to do now, i was way more happy, im trying to bem a nice guy and trying to care about other people's feelings and this shit only had me stressin

| When i see kind people i want to beat em up until theres only a pulp of blood, fuck that shit

| OP you are a pussy ass bitch, fuck you.

| >>7533f7

That's not very nice of you. Idk what problem you're having, or had but I hope you'll manage just fine. You can seek help, like what I did too

Since I'm a bit too scared to talk about this to anyone I know IRL, I seek help anonymously on the internet

- OP

| I punched my psychologist in the face, bitch started bleeding like a pig in the slaugherhouse.
The only thing that helps is something called vodka.

| >>528147 The problems i have its because i thought "why i dont try to be a better person?". Since then everything went to shit.
Since i was a kid i was a prick, beating other kids, making they cry with mean insults, maybe i did that because my family is fucked, BUT I KNOW that dont justify nothing, so i guess that feeling inside i just like to be a stupid motherfucker.

| *deep inside

| >>528147 you see? That fake positive attitude of "i hope you makes it just fine" its fucking annoying, fuck.
People are mean, why tf theres this moral "obligation" of society of being nice? The world is fucked, everyone is fucked.
It has always been this way, and it will be foverer.
People should just admit "im an asshole, so what" instead of faking being nice. Fuck this fuckery

| And fuck you too.

| >>528162 what makes you think they're faking it? there's 7 billion people on this earth and not all of them (a lot, but not all) think the way you do. genuinely kind people exist

if you're gonna have that kind of viewpoint, at least try not to take it out on others

| I feel pity for people who are kind for real, just like that. They dont deserve to live in this world.
And i hate everyone who fakes that shit, since i cant trust anyone's kindness, i end up hating everyone.
How can i know that youre really kind and youre not faking it?

| You may be kind but the simple fact that you exist is fucking this world too.

| In the end, being kind or being mean dont means shit.

| It's a lot less tiring to be kind imo.

| >>528178 >>528179 well isn't that furrackin edgy. I think more people are genuinely nice than you'd think.

>nick dee penis

| >>528244 everything is edgy now, geez.

Well, look around man, if what you said its true, why this world is so fucked up?

| People only cares about themselves.
Everyone is killing each other, children dying of hunger while fat bastards in the USA are throwing away so much food.
People dying in the hospitals because they cant afford a decent treatment. Hood rats sellin dope and making people addicted just because they wanna flex and get some pussy.
Doctors that care more of getting a good payment than saving lifes.

Your statement is something i cant understand.

| If the world had a decent amount of people who are REALLY kind, we wouldn't be living in this mess.

| >>528277
just because there's not a decent amount of kind people doesn't mean there aren't any at all. they're everywhere, if you give half a shit to look.

and if you think the world is so bad because of a lack of kind people, why not try to....you know....be kind?

| You just call me edgy because you aint capable enough to construct a decent argument. Boy youre sooo kind.

| Why tf my comment disapeared?

| >>528279 Good point, i give u that.
But if you take your time to read what i said before, i tried to be someone kind, to put myself in other shows, but that only bring problems to me.
And i know, we cant be good expecting a reward, but this is different of being fucked just because you tried to be Nice.

| Im tired of this bullshit.

| >>7533f7 either you're really fucked in the head, or that's the biggest troll I've seen in a while.

| >>528312 why did you say that?

| I'll take the bait. You see what you look for. You look for bad in the world? It's there. Trust me, I know. It's furrackin everywhere. If you look for the good in the world, it's there. It's furrackin everywhere too, but the media doesn't cover it, cuz good things are a bad story. You look for furries in the world? There furrackin everywhere. You see what you want to find. I deal with enough assholes everyday. Just be a decent person. It's not hard, and it makes my day way easier.

| >>528498 okei :/

| >>7533f7 Please link the source doujin!?

| >>528328 all that shit you said doesn't justify you being an egoistic cunt equally to everyone just because it makes your own life easier. You're not solving problems you've talked about by being such a bitch. People like you are one of the many reasons why world is unfair.

| >>528595 gottem

| Oh, ok. So it was a troll.

| >>528498 nobody knows how to spell fuarrrkin smh

| >>528156 edgy as fuck

| >>528642 It isn't entirely a troll though. He mentioned some few things which are true. such as people starving while all fatass americans can do is just throw their food away and doctors preferring a paycheck over actually helping people. I don't blame that guy for being a prick, it's worthless when mostly everyone you see in this world is a prick whether you realize it or not. It's human nature and you shouldn't fake a sense of niceness to others, it's not like they deserve it

| >>528714 this

Thank you for trying to understand what im saying

| >>7533f7 who hurt you?
>>527875 That's great OP, could you tell me what happeed before? What object you needed to retrieve? Thanks

| >>b7a62e

Thing is a bit personal but oh well, I'll tell just half of it; cousin stole my dad's wedding ring to sell it

- OP

| >>528873 My family, friends, people in general, that bullshit.

>>528902 Why didnt you teached him a lesson? Maybe he did that because he knows that nobody had the balls to do something about It.

| There is nothing bad about being nice. I really hate this society built on selfishness and distrust, and I'm always happy to meet nice people that have the power to resist.

| >>7533f7

Well beating him up would make more troubles and that's a pain in the ass to deal with

I sort of told him stuff, maybe intimidated him a bit. Hope he won't do it again

- OP

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