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| no

| This reply is open for business. Welcome to the reply store. What can I do ya for?

| Heheh... Gonna sneak into this thread, like the cool kids would...

| >>524062 I want me some good replies with polite words, how much does it cost?

| >>524062 yeah can I get a "no u" to-go please?

| :-3

| No u


| I'm going to keep this thread alive for as long as I feel like it.

| >>524083 Well, I can tell you the truth is free. You are wonderful.

| *rings bell* order number 402, a "no u" for >>524210?

| i will keep it open

| >>524309 thanks, dog




| We have the freshest and most abundant selection of replies on Danger/u/! Come on by the Reply Shoppe and get some for yourself!

| >>524622

| Hi I'd like a reply making fun of me for pretending to be a guy on Danger/u/ please!

| The thread is a lie

| >>524686 hey there. Unfortunately we only stock nice replies. Could I interest you in some quality wholesome replies?


| oh I don't think so

| pls reply this, but I won't reply back.

| >>524909 Don't you dare reply

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwa4U0ccECY

| >>524622
Can I have a

| >>525096

| >>525096 ah! Sorry for the late update! Sure thing! *presses buttons* One ZANE?! has been transferred to your account. Have fun! ^.^

| Rulez are meant to be broken owo

| ZANE!!?

| >>524622 hiya, do you happen to have an UWOTM8 reply? I know it might be no longer in stock right now, just wanted to make sure.

| this is peak danger/u/







| >>524796 tell ya what, I think I have just a couple of those left. *rumages in back* Yup. I saved the best for last. Here is one premium "UWOTM8". Use it wisely!

| >>525982 Bloody hell, I thought these are gone for good! Thanks a lot!

| >>526017 np! It's hard to find manufacturers for them these days. I've got to reach deep in my contact list to get those in stock anymore. x.x Enjoy~!





| big ghey

~gab libra labia (do not lood the gab)

| hi, u are very nice people, i see.
i can digitally hug you for nice replies. my fuel is nice replies.
plz i need it ;_;

| In an effort to promote digitized hugs on Danger/u/, the reply store will be donating five of our finest nice replies to >>526485. Use these on whom you see fit. Keep up the good work.

| do u lood the gab ???

| >>526493
Thanks a lot, proceeding to hugging...
|★✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩| 10%

| >>526596
Hugging status:
|★★✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩| 20%



| Meritocracy of blade and oni

| Is a hentai game

| It's alright.

| Violated Heroine is better though.

| okey


| Baser booed lulu

| Woops, almost forgot to post here today.

| How goes the hugging >>526485 and>>526596?

| >>529123

| Yare yare daze

| Can the thread be open Now?

| I'm done.

| Due to aids n' stingrays

| Yberz Vcfhz Qbybe Fvg Nzrg

| Pomp bride army.

| >>526599 this is just about the saddest thing I've ever seen

| Succ my big and large red tomato

| doubt

| Guys, I said I was done. Can we let this thread die now?

| Nope

| This thread Will (not) live 4 ever

| I want this thread to reach 250 posts and have a sequel!

| >>530686 but the good kind of sequal. A "as good as, if not better than the original" kind of sequal.

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