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Gurl sent me nudes

| So, i was playing a game called virtual droid. It's basicly a vrchat for pure people like me. There i met a 18 year girl from ukraine (i am 18 from russia btw). We played together for a few days when i asked if she had a telegram account. After another couple of days. We had a strange dialog (at that time we already seen each other's facec, and she's fucking succubus). She's a very narcissistic person, and she likes when someone likes her.

| Cool story, sis

| So i somehow managed to twist her morale standarts and she agreed to have a virtual sex.
We did it 3 times but in the end she decided to end this thing.
I still have 3 videos with her on my phone.
This girl is a pervert just like me, but the difference is that i believe in long distance relationship and she's not because "you can't even have sex together what's the point".
I got nudes but my mood is ruined and i lost a part of my faith in women.

| Even the reason why she decided to end this was because i didn't appreciate her pussy that much. I have a fetish for faces. So i told her that the previous videos with her face turned me on better and she got mad at me.
You need to be careful with your words, g/u/rls.
Most whamen will shake you off only for one cringe worth phrase.

| That's why I love men.

| only pussies get hung up when bitches ditch them

| Pls send her nudes

| >>522936 100$ through qiwi and it's yours
She's super hot, i'll send her normal picture to prove

| >>522873
That's why you find woman who are ok with you being you

| In the video of prostitution...
They only betray their bodies, but they Don'tshow face.
Now you got her nudes and you want her face with climax
It is strange that she is not angry.

| >>522987 nah, she sent me her face while sucking some things before the pussy

| Ну ето, корочи зароманси её. Или нет, по своему хотению. Зачем вообще тред создал, что тебе советовать?

| >>523058 поделиться и поныть, мне не нужны советы

| >>522870 How'd you manage to twist her moral standards? Lel

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This thread is permanently archived