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What is you desktop bg and why isn't it the powerlines from lain???

| https://ibb.co/mzzrDSd

| https://i.ibb.co/H4gVjWp/desktop.png

Because it's the powerlines from 5 cm per Second.

(actually it's a rotation of images, but you're right, I should find some good lain ones)

| got over my lain phase

| mine are all lain but only one has powerlines

| I believe that I'm starting to hit my lain phase. getting myself a normal VPS, building a webserver with some qol pages n shit, putting bots on there too, doing Linux and trying to customize my Windows OS, listening to psytrance, that is it, right? I'm fucked now?

| Does this count?

| Now I have this one for my laptop lockscreen

| because i like having the windows 95 logo as my background

| Because my aspect ratio is not fucking letterboxed

| >>521717 nice choice gurl

| because im too lazy to change debian's default wallapers

| Because the background of my sh shell is black.

| >>522044 classy

| one of my keyboards has the powerlines on it https://files.catbox.moe/5cgcf5.com

| rip broken link. this one works https://files.catbox.moe/t9v9qk.jpg

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This thread is permanently archived