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How do I turn myself aromantic?

| How do I forcibly completely urge all romantic needs and longing from myself so that I can stop wanting to die from the crushing constant all encompassing loneliness? I'm never going to find a girl who wants me, that much is a given, and I'm not like those shitty incels who are going to blame all women for it.. But I can't live like this anymore knowing I'm never going to be held and kissed and loved and married and have someone to give all my adoration to and be cared for by

| Like is there some kind of hypnosis I can listen to that will gradually make me not need love anymore? Or a drug that would do it?

It has to be more substantial than that hippie "just embrace the beauty of the world over interpersonal attachment" shit

| no

| >I'm never going to find a girl who wants me
So, you're an incel, if you think like that.
Otherwise, just dive into buddhism. But you'd need a whole lot more of amor fati if you want to be happy with your choice (cause it's a choice).

| If you want to be aromatic, I'd say the easiest way to do it is just using a bit of cologne.

| I don't think you can. You have to embrace what kind of attraction you have. Either you're aromantic and you just think you need to have romantic relationships because social standards told you so, either you're not. The advice I'd give you if you feel alone would be to give in more to your centers of interest. That's a good way to meet people you may relate to. Also focus more on friendship because society want's us to believe it's less important than romance but that's not true.

| i am seeking answers to the same questions as you op. life does not seem worth living without love though, which is unfortunate for the ones who cant fulfill that need.

| i'm extremely aromantic and I fucking despise it. I just had to hurt a girl I'm really close to because I can't feel shit for her or anyone. It's genuinely awful you'll find someone eventually op so dw about it.

| >>521077
not op but its impossible for me to have a fulfilling ethical relationship with my desired partner, so being aromantic would be preferable than the torment of having an unfulfillable biological need.

| I'read the title as "...aromatic", lol

| Idk but, dodge it, don't trust anyone, its even easier if you have no friends, create someone in your mind, like if it is your sibbling, talk with it and fuck everyone else

| Aromatic candle

| Feeling particularly bad today. Its not just you OP. I dont think there is a solution.

| aromantic hear to say if you can find a way to do it i recommend it

| >>521999
fuck here*

| Masturbating to yourself every day multiple times a day would do the trick.

| >>522043
>masturbating to MYSELF
>implying I'd even be able to finish once
I only like pretty girls, not gross ones... :(

| >>521551...so a tulpa? No thanks.

| >>522043
this does not work

| Go to jail, then become gay, then go to jail for watching offbrand anime. Then marry a telephone pole.

| I had many similar problems in high school. I began looking into incel forums, then MGTOW forums, but they got to toxic for me. I took what I could learn from them and looked into stoicism. Try to talk to women without seeing each one as a potential parter and improve your self. Become someone worth loving and remember that you can't love anyone unitl you love yourself first.

| Self hatred is the best tool for that. You have to use it right though, obviously.

| >>521281 yeah, same here

| >>520784 I mean, he no longer fir the "involuntary" part

| >>522312
I already hate myself, though. But I suck at dying and am a coward apparently. Shitsux g/u/rls.

| So first you gotta rip out your heart! Then you gotta let someone suck out all that love out of your heart and then you just put it back in and done... you're now an Edgelord

| Killing yourself is a nice method

| >>522699
Too scared and cowardly
Really want to though if this stupid self preservation instinct and fear of pain or failing another attempt could be bypassed

| Study stuff about your brain and try to shoot or hurt yourself in the exact spot that would normally send out feelings that way you wont have any feslings anymore and therefore no more feelings of love

| feelings*

| >>522699
i also have been considering this as the primary solution to this problem. i think of suicide most days. its probably how ill proceed. other options are always welcome tho.

| I've tried it before and it doesn't work. Even using tips my therapist taught me and reading books on altering my thought processes with cognitive behavioural therapy wasn't enough. You can't overwrite a biological need that easily.

I'd say to work on self-improvement, but by the time you're good enough it'll probably be too late. So my advice would be to lower your standards (if you have any) and find a place where girls in a similar situation hang out.

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