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ITT I'm probably gonna get a suspension since my headmaster is an asshole

| Today I got late for school, so the headmaster called me in his office and told me he is considering a three days suspension, since it's the tenth time that I miss first period this year. Thing is, I always get there late because my school is in another city, so I have to take the train, and railways here are incredibly inefficient. I tried to explain this to him and he didn't believe me. What do I do g/u/rls?

| Get an earlier train

| I also have to take multiple trains to get to school and if I'm late the teacher gets angry. It's annoying but understandable. If your getting to school late, then leave earlier. The train I catch means I have to spend half and hour at school before it's starts because the next train is 45 minutes later. It's not ideal but it means I'm not late.

| >I tried to explain this to him and he didn't believe me.

| >gets in trouble for being late and missing out on school
>gets punished with not being able to go to school

| Stuff your face in his crotch and go with the flow.

| >>520552 take an earlier train and go sit in his office until first period

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This thread is permanently archived