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I spent 8hrs 3d printing a butterfly knife ama


| Why

| Send pics

| Does the pope shit in the woods

| >>520547 I broke my cheep trainer and don't feel like dropping my really knife yet

| >>520550 I'd say it's reasonable but I'm not sure Vatican City has any woods near by so maybe if he was stranded he might

| >>520548 https://i.imgur.com/ZZ8LiI7.jpg

| Which printer do you use? Got a Tevo Tarantula and I've been recently running into heat bed leveling problems. It's so fucking inconsistent. I'm loosing my mind. Looks good though.

| Looks clean! Did it print like that or were there any pieces of filament you had to clean off?

| cool

| >>520650 it prints 2 pins 2 handles and 1 knife separate

I had to scrape a bit at one of the holes so the pin would go through but other than that not much

The larger hole in the handle looks a bit sloppy because I printed with no support

| >>520648 ender 3

I read to level with a pice of paper folded over (or two layers) and have the nozzle scratch the surface "more than lightly but not too hard" and to do so while it's heated up because thermal expansion

| >>520712 Alrighty. This is what I've been doing so far but I dunno man. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.>.< Thank you though.

| >>520729 yeah it's definitely a pain sometimes, might be good to make sure your bed isn't warped when it's heated, if it is I think getting a glass build plate might help, alternatively get a auto leveler

| might also be worth finding or creating one of those leveling programs that just prints a line around the edges so you can check if the adhesion is any good before you print

| >>520769 Gotta look into the demn GCodes to figure this>creating one of those leveling programs
out. Sank ju!

| What got you into the idea?

| >>520894 I was browsing thingiverse for interesting things to print and realized that since I broke my cheep knife my hands didn't have anything to fidget with, and I searched for a butterfly knife and sure enough there were a few, but they needed screws, so I ended up waiting a day or so and found this one that just printed it's own pins instead

| Call me a pessimist but how is the blade going to hold up? Not confident in 3D printer plastic

| >>520909 the tip only being a few layers I imagine will chip off if I hit or drop it but I printed at 45% infill so it's fairly sturdy

| oi m8 got ur knife licence

| >>520637 Is it sharp enough to be used as a weapon? If it is then I'm surprised governments haven't started regulating 3d printing. You literally can make a bomb with that tech

| >>520959 no it's not sharp at all, and they tried with 3d printed guns and failed, and not exactly sure how your going to make a bomb with plastic but ok

| >>520957 fortunately I'm an American and my state you can own any knife you want, no conceal carry for knifes though

| Have you printed anything else?

| Isn't it a bit light? Doesn't the weight feel off?

| >>521205 yes, there's a version that uses screws for the pins that has slots for washers to add weight but this does feel very light, thought it's not *that bad* to flip

| >>521130 I've printed a few knick knacks just to test it out, some of that "chainmail" stuff which is pretty cool and I printed a low resolution character model just to see how supports work, I'm thinking of printing a vita grip soon since I've got the heavier oled one

| Was it worth it?

| >>521537 considering I basically just pushed a button and played some games yes

| I tried doing that once and it didn't work too well, although I never ended up putting weights into it or anything

| >>521636 I feel like the weights woukd make a pretty big difference...

| >>521636 the one I printed was called true fidget on thingiverse or something, it's more slim at the pins and thicker at the latch probably so it can actually flip

| >>d116e6 You could make a bomb by 3d printing a case in which you can put explosives in it. Either ways 3d printing is retarded for anything other aesthetic things

| >>521853 ok hear me out, you could just use the explosive as a bomb

| >>521715 it's good for making cheap part replacements but only in certain circumstances
>joker blown nutty

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