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how dope would it be to be mongolian

| sure it's a poor country but imagine being like an expat to the west. Cool culture, visit whenever you want, you can even be a fucking steppe nomad, and you literally can't convince me that isn't cool as shit.

I've seen videos of white expats in Ulaanbaatar and they just look kinda weird, out of place and uncomfortable.

also mongolian men are hot tbh, beautiful cheekbones and they age nice

but enough about me, if you could pick your culture/ethnicity what would you go for?

| inb4 >japanese[/spoiler]

| >>520325
that's an abomination, whoops

| I'm fuckin weord. I'm Mexican but my mom's Spanish. I have black hair and an overbite and glasses and people mistake me for an Asian because of my pale skin

| I have a story about mongolians. I'm russian, and my friend's father once told me how he was working on construction site back in times when he was young. USSR and Mongolia were allies, so USSR have sent some engeneers to Mongolia with some kind of humanitarian mission to build an awesome multy-apartment buildings for them. Remember, they are nomads and were living in some kind of tents at that time. Well, my friend's father did the job, and what he discovered short time after?

| That mongolians were pooping in front of the new cool multy-apartment buildings with perfectly fine working toilet rooms and canalization! Why? They have a tradition not to poop in your own house (or tent), because it is a clean place. So they went outside. Kinda logical and bizzare at the same time. Don't know, maybe it's just a stupid made-up story, I'm sure today's mongolians doesn't have this stupid supestition, but there is sure a lot of nomads out there, even in our times.

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That sounds bizarre enough to be true (and almost makes me want to be mongolian less)
Wonder if it's still like that there

| Tibetans are dope. Basically mongols, but with throat singing and the Dalai Lama.
Otherwise, being a slav drinking vodka and pumping it to hardbass sounds grate.

>>520339 Pretty forward thinking of them actually. They just don't understand toilets, it'd seem.

>>520325 Mainlanders are eh. I'm more interested in the Ainu and the Ryuku Islanders. You'd think there'd be more information on them, particularly the islanders, but it's tough to find out.

~rover hunts bald (guys)

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Mongolians have throat singing too right? Tibet is cool too though, I'd have a hard time choosing between steppe and mountains. Tibet and Bhutan and that area all win for architecture though.

White people in those areas always look so touristy and out of place though, I think I'd be too self conscious to ever visit/don't feel I could fit in :/
if only I were asian

| would give me an excuse to learn to throat sing 10/10

| >basically japan

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weak bait, try again

| white people don't look out of place anywhere because they own the globe.

| That throat singing is so unaesthetic

| >>520339
horse, water, drink, etc.

speaking of the USSR I've spent a bit of time in Central Asia and the ancient apartment buildings that the Soviets built really charmed me.

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"Wrong" —US President Donald J. Trump

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Oh nice, where've you been?

Soviet apartment blocks can be a bit grim though; look at Norilsk (although that's a special case). If only they'd built the Palace of the Soviets...

| >>520631 Norilsk sure is a vary special example. Not so easy to find a grimier russian town

| >>520668
That's what happens when you live 69 degrees north. Grimier, maybe Mirny? I'm interested in Russia too - fortunately you don't have to be asian to fit in, I'll have to make do with Russia - but I would be happy to stay away from Mirny.

| None. It would be none dope.

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Disagree, but anyway what about the question in the op then, "if you could pick your culture/ethnicity what would you go for?"

| >>67f940 easy. Japanese

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ignore the butchered formatting, you lose, get original.
no japanese experience can compare to galloping across the mongolian steppe anyway

| Mongolian horse riders sound badass. But so is being a Ukranian cossak

I'm already slav but I agree it'd be dope if I had a bit of Mongol in me. Be a Mongol Cossak!

Think about it. Mongol archery and horseriding skills alongside cossak hats and drinking vodka!

Damn. Now I see why Mongols are bros with Russians! Combine the two and you have horseriding badassery!!

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Cossacks are awesome too, I guess they're my backup plan lol - but no yurts/gers, and they're not nomads :(

Plus, aren't modern cossacks really just a paramilitary for Russia? Funny, given that they were originally seeking freedom and fleeing tyranny in Russia.

| Tuva > Tibetan > Mongol

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