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What does danger/u/ think of 4chan?

| Are they our friends, or our enemies?
>inb4 8chan comments

| (or are they on neutral ground with us idrk am newfag)

| Some boards are ok. I think you can have fun with it by staying away from the more incendiary boards. I always find it funny that a site notorious for doxxing people and causing a general mess online also has boards for cooking and outdoor activities. As a whole, it's probably a more wholesome site than most people expect but the apprehensiveness people feel towards it isn't unwarranted.

| Other than /b/,/pol/ and sometimes /v/, I'd say it's fine.

| >>520264
/tv/ is by far the worst board.

I like /tg/ though. It's the only place I know where you can actively discussion vtm any time of the day(or night).

| I'm natural, /b/ and /pol/ is shit though

| >>520266 Oh, I've never been to /tv/, so I didn't know. I frequent /ic/ and a few threads on /vg/

| /pol/ only rocks the socks because it makes people think

| I came from there Really good, made me lose my shit several times.

| i like 4chan because most of them stay there
i also hate 4chan because some people come here

overall, i'd say it's not good but only because of edgy coolkids who think /b/ is funny

| i want /pol/ to go back in their fucking holes

i just want to talk about video games

| >>878c76
We have a danger/v/ for that ig

| 4chan is nowhere near as good as danger/u/ imo

| >>81ca35
Why not?

| >>520379 it's not as kind as danger/u/

| >>520399 kindess develops weakness

| 2003: Original memers.

2006: Nostalgic, since that's when I started. The golden age, but even then oldfags (of that era) railed against what they saw as cancer and the impending death of the lulz.

2018: Absolute garbage. Lulz is a myth. NYPA is a joke. Now "anons" are united by something lesser; politics.

| Btw, Rules 1 & 2, /b/ was always shit, yadda yadda yadda.

I guess /tg/ and the drawfag threads on /i/ and /ic/ are ok. Or /ck/. If anyone even still visits those boards.

| /b/, /r9k/ and /pol/ are actual digital tumors.
/a/, /v/ and /tv/ have also been infected with cancer, but to a lesser extent, because they're more topic-specific.
And be particularly wary of the 'advice' boards like /fit/ and /biz/. Not really cancerous, but are inhabited by massive retards.

| 4chan isn't our enemy. We're too insignificant.
>board that gets about 4 posts daily
>semi-obscure game themed where weebs claim waifus
>can't even attach images
>thousands of other chans that doesn't occasionally down themselves

Also, they don't attack anyone for no reason. Maybe in the future they might raid this place for the lulz, but lulz culture seems long dead.

| >>520429
Gr8 b8 m8

| >>520431 it's not bait, it's fact.

| >>520401 i disagree

| >>520444 disagree harder, I can't feel it fag

| like the internet in general, it lost it's mojo years ago.

| I'm glad I matured and grew out of 4chan before I might have been dragged down into their /pol/ insanity, but I still sometimes miss the old days of 2006 /b/... Cockmonglers and Cracky-Chan still being relevant.. Longcat was long... EFG threads... The "internet hate machine" was a fluffy kitten back then compared to the vitriolic fundamentalist death cult that now infects almost every board.

| I still visit /tg/ out of hope. Not a super oldfag but I've been around long enough to see a decline. A few years back, I remember defending it a bit to someone who used to go there by claiming there were still good threads in the muck...not that it isn't true.

/lgbt/ is taken over by shrieking mtf """trans people""" who legit get mad at drag queens out of seething jealousy.

| Also the porn boards are a nice fap. /s/ isn't exactly porn but the pictures are great af.

/cgl/ is comforting when they aren't in vendetta mode and derailing shit with said vendettas/other cattiness. Isn't too bad, most stinky retards keep away and shit up other boards.

| No one is going to talk about the nsfw boards? Ok...

| >>520896 oh

| The rest of the internet inflates their image. If you actually go there, you'll see it's pretty tame.

| idk idc, i just like saving pics

| Only been on 4chan twice, quickly clicked off cause of the insanity. I have a friend who sits on 4chan 24/7 and had a few other friends who were originally his friends. Every single one of them are derranged psycho/sociopaths with varying issues ranging from morality issues, genuine insanity issues, or abuse issues. They're sick sick people too far gone to be treated. One guy terribly abused his gf and now she's permanently scarred, the other had a mission to kill jews list goes on

| I don't believe everyone on 4chan is like that of course, but after all that bullshit I just can't be bothered to go near 4chan anymore. I love how simple and comfy this board is despite me being a total newfag

| >>521321 sounds pretty crazy g/u/rl. Welcome to the comfiest textboard on the internet. So long as you don't say "windows" in tech, you'll find we're a pretty chill bunch.

| We're just okay with 4chan, it has nothing to do with us

| /jp/ is alright

| /jp/ is alright

| >>d3c493
Same lol

*ahem* Allow me to interject for a moment...

| >>520256 4chan is different to what it was back then in 2007-2012. It's just like any other website such as reddit and tumblr. They'd usually just bring a bad type of cancer which you either might like or hate depends on you. They're also really political now and it's kind of faggy since that's treating the internet like a serious place which was something 4chan really didn't do back then

| >>520413
>Now "anons" are united by something lesser; politics.
completely this. It's kind of funny if you think about it because back then anons were all just laidback people that got on the internet for the lulz and now they've became corny armchair politicians in the same line as conservative senior citizens and regular democrats.

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