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Gonna lose virginity tomorrow

| I guess? Any advices/lifehacks? Im a straight male with a gf tho.

| >any advices
Don't do it. Keep your vcard and it will carry you through life

| Wear a condom.

Use water based lube only.

Make sure to confirm with her if she enjoys something/vice versa.

| Traitor.

| Excuse me what the blyat

| "male"

| good luck and say we didn't warn /u/

| expect it to be shit but don't worry because practice makes perfect.

| Please update us on how you finally realize that it is catfish.

| Well I'm still a virgin. But at least I've got my dick sucked.

| Let us know who has the bigger penis.

| >>520322
Fuck. I specifically made it clear that I'm a straight male fucking a girl. And you still say this???

| >>520375 cuz no guy in here. post dick pick to prove otherwise

| >>520375
She's planning on the big reveal on the same night.

| just try not to forget to exfoliate your shaft before going down on her and you should be fine

| >>520375 we're all g/u/rls here tho, so being wary of the traps is natural, no?

| >>520375 because tulpa exists

| Keep your vcard until 30 so you can become a wizard!

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This thread is permanently archived