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Why is danger/u/ so gay

| Y

| Y not

| Bc we are hella gay

Not me tho I'm a huge lesbo

| can somebody buy a dildo for this poor boy pls

| Bunch of boys thinking they're g/u/rls, what could go wrong?

| I could ask you the same thing, OP

| I want a pink shirt that says slut on it and also a robot girlfriend mommy

| We're all lesbians here

| Because of the source material

| What's a g/u/rl?

| >>519726 What's a boy?

| >>519726 your a gurl, I'm a gulr, they are a gurl.
We all are gurls

| Boys, more like cute

| Internet is FULL OF AIDS

relevant captcha: slurs kens suace

| I want a seven foot tall femdom gf

| >>519896
Like, big same

| >>59f2ce
there are no boys on danger/u/

| No-no, /burg/ triple gay.

| Boys are a myth

| How does one be a g/u/rl?

| >>519468
everybody know we're all g/u/rls here.

| >>519468
You're going to get your dick sucked by us girls and you're going to like it gay boi.

| What if I'm a girl with a dick but I want to eat out a girl with a pussy :(

| >>520334 you're lesbian

| >>520334 if you are a girl with a dick then you are a guy

| you.

| >>520378
>if you are a girl--
>...you are a guy

LMAO look at this dipshit

| >>519442 same hmu gurl

| >>520569 lmao

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This thread is permanently archived