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Let's all make Danger/u/ a friendlier place

| I'll start by saying that even though you're probably going through some hard times, it's okay to stop and feel a sense of achievement for the little things you manage in your day, no matter how small, because it means you're still going!

| No

| Thanks OP

| niggerfaggot

| Why so mean frien? Who hurt you? Talk it out frien. We are here for you g/u/rl.

| wow thanks OP my shitting out of the beings I consumed today really makes me feel better about living in meatspace

i hope you g/u/rls have a nice shit as well

| >>519400
Well this thread was a failure
Mean people decided to hurt me

| >>519568 There are more nice people on here than mean ones. Keep hope gurl

| Plus the Russian g/u/rls are pretty cool. There's more nice here than not nice. Even if you can't understand it.

| >>519568 dont loose hope gurl. I hope you have a nice day

| It's too late for that

| >>519568 pussy

| >>519692
I wish.

| there's still a good balance of nice people but theres a lot more mean people than there used to be

| >>519577 Except for the cp poster. That one can fuck a cactus.
~June Chic Moms (can't wait for em)

| >>519802
Where did they come from and why?

| >>519953 they are misterious hackers known as 4chan

| as wise dogs said, "Today was a good day because you made your best"

| Thanks OP.
Good luck, fun and happiness stuf to everyone who reads this. Keep on truckin'.

| That was actually a bit nice to read, thanks OP! I donut know how to contribute to this thread so here's a fun fact: alongside Pluto, there's 4 other dwarf planets in our solar system!

oh yeah and also! Always rember happy day!

| hi OP here and I am crushingly sad and lonely but here to remind you that even when you're majorly down, you can still be a friendly person; being nice to others when you're hurt might prompt them to help you out as well.

wanna die but still it's true

| pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten
never forget ttimes wen u feeled happy
wen day is dark alway rember happy day

| >>520284 I REMBER

| >>520284 >>520289 Remember, remember, the 5th of November!

| a

| I want friends

| >>520284 +1

| buying gf

| >>520463 b

| >>520942 c

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