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| Hi
I'm really lonely so if ur lonely too please add me on discord or I will eat your family


| Please this... Thing has already eaten my whole family PLEASE STOP IT FROM DEVOURING OTHER PEOPLE IT'S COMING AFTER ME!

| >>515802 >>515809 what if I'm not lonely, or, more specifically, not lonely enough to add "eThot69" on discord? I mean, I am, but maybe it will help other people so they don't have to ask. Does their family get eaten as well? Are there noods involved? Is eThot69 the person who made the other thread about becoming a thot again, because the timing is right. What is discord and how do it make us have babies? Asking for a friend.

| >>515816 your family will be eaten, noots may or may not be involved, ye im the thottie, discord is only for epic gamers and if you didnt know about it ur not one, tell ur friend i said hi

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This thread is permanently archived