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Today im completing one whole year clean

| And im so happy.
A year ago i was throwing my health, my money, my life away using cocaine everyday.
Until one day that ive almost OD. Since that i never used anymore. I have friends that died cause they couldn't stop, im glad that i could escape that shit.
I know that anyone cares about this but im so happy that i wished to share this with someone. An advice, never try this shit, it almost had me killed, in the moment you feel great but soon you will feel like THE piece of shit.

| Life is beautiful and full of nice things that don't require throwing your life away.
I wish the best to all of you, peace <3

| Good job OP

| Well done OP! Keep it that way!

| Congrats OP! You've made a really positive choice and change in your life and you know it, and that's all awesome, keep it up :)

| very cool op. i'm glad that you find the nice things about life

| Wow cool story OP. And by the way I want to merry my sister. Nice to meet you.

| Thanks everyone!

>>6681d8 Wait, whaaaat?

| Gratz, now you just need to nofap and install linux to qualify as a humab being

| >>515590
What's wrong, m8?

| >>515651 ive read "i want to marry my sister" tehehe

| >>515685
Well that's true. I want it seriously. Because I love her so much, because she is perfect girl and she's my sister. So what's wrong?

| >>515694 you wouldn't happen to like anthropology, would you?

| >>515699
I didn't get it.

| I'm happy for you OP.

| Congrats OP!

| >>6681d8 nothing, apart that your son could be born with some serious problems or just six fingers on one foot

| >>515708 sure thing korekiyo...suuure thing

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