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| don't mistake this as another depressed or suicidal post. I've just never been happy and I don't understand what there is to be happy about in a world like this. I don't think I ever will. Please tell me what makes you guys happy.

| >>510733 no, actually you're depressed.

| I have plants in my room. I eat fresh fruit. I drink straight chocolate syrup. I bicycle everywhere. ← Try this

| 100% you are either depressed or have Alexithymia

| >>510733
Yup, you're more likely to be depressed than all the kids saying they are.
But there's no definition of happiness anyway

| Well if you can extract dopamine from someone's brain, and inject it directly into your lower spine... >>69681e

| >>511049 cocaine's a helluva drug!

| I love sex.

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This thread is permanently archived