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A lot of us want to die, so...

| Why don't we all do one of those big suicide pacts? You know, like in that one Japanese movie. Not specifically recreating the same scenario though, but just an idea.

| Probably because the suicide rate would drop down when you have a community of relatable people.

| >>510720 lol wait, so we could just all be friends instead? Like Suicidals Anonymous?

| >>510757 F.U.N.

| >>510198
Why not make friends and lovers instead?

| I may want to die sometimes, but I've decided that I'll get to it when I get to it. No need to rush. Sometimes laziness pays off.

| What about an orgy, and then die

| Remember, when you commit suicide you don't end the suffering. You only transfer it to your loved ones.

| >>510805 F/u/N?

| Then poor Lain and Pref would have to answer a lot of questions and danger/u/ might even be shut down.

| Is not wanting to live the same as wanting to die?

| >>510911
Not really! See >>510831

| https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/212099762105614336/520416321461288961/image0.jpg

| >>510845
>implying I have loved ones
You're kind of missing the point, friend...

| >>510969 You have family members, you spoiled brat.

| >>510968 lols
>>510969 lols
>>511107 looollls, ok, maybe she doesn't tho -_-

| >>511107
Disowned for being trans, anon. No family.

| Well, the only reason I want to kill myself is that...
>Literally -10/10
Like, l'm a total loser, but there are many reasons to leave for.

| >>512286 ugly is the new beautiful, beautiful!

| >>512311
Thanks, but it doesn't work this way IRL.

| >>512286
Well yeah, being good looking is almost mandatory for successful girls. But I do think you're putting it in a pretty childish way, you can try to fix ugliness, be via surgery or whatever. It shouldn't be the worst of your problems, maybe you just have issues with selfimage.

| >>512471
I don't have enough money for surgery, plus my new look would be fake. Cuz I know who truly I am: a lonely, ugly retard.

| >>512490 doesn't that kind of reinforce what>>754a58 said? Basically you are agreeing that it's the mental part and not all the physical part. That being said, it is significantly cheaper to work on the mental part...

>>512393 well this is danger/u/, and here it can be like that. Just a little.

| >>512572
Well, I'm sure that it isn't a mental illness or something, because, you know, if I was like 5/10 or so, I would be extremely happy. Moreover, if I wasn't a damn ugly person, I would noticed that, right? So it's physical.

| >>512572
There's someone out there who thinks your beautiful and for all you know some here might think it.

| >>512639
>someone out there
*X-Files theme start playing*

| Wait i get it... I DONT GET IT

| >>512651
Your thoughts are too primitive and out of reality, if you're ugly that means you ARE, and nobody will ever see you as a beautiful person.

| Are there like... Any good new developments in the world of over the counter or online-order painless overdosing/self-poisoning?

I'm always worried about body reactions just making me throw stuff back up and ending up in a hospital unable to escape and die and that it would hurt and be gross.

| >>512673 carbon monoxide... not new at all. Works great!

>>512644 we need to explore the cosmos... to find an alien species that is hideous, and then OP will be by default beautiful people!

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