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| When the fuck are you gonna IP ban this spammer?

| >>509354 ip ban dosent shit m8

| Yeah, the problem is the fact that there's more than one IP. I'd suggest we leave /u/ and start shitposting on other boards. /new/ has a rule, so maybe /a/ will be more accepting.

| >>510721 oi don't fuck my weeb shit, use mu or d since they're already dead

| >>510721 Ontop of the fact of how easy it is to counter being ip banned. resetting your router, using a proxy or vpn

| >>510747 but it's easy to do, and annoying to the spammer...

| >>510760 spammer is using a script that just cycles through a bunch of them so it's not annoying, the new captcha might be though

| Can we just ban any message/topic containing "Reol" and its variations? :thonk:

| Also old captcha was better.

| >>510773 ah, I see they were kind enough to include stats in the message... And to sign it like a lonely child.

My guess would be they are using image recognition ai to defeat the captcha, so it's only a matter of time...

| >>510864 he's not using an "ai".

| >>510866 you don't know that, might be, easy to set up.

| >>510868

Don't spread misinformation. Its a script. Nothing more, nothing less.

| >>509385
>implying they can't ban proxies entirely
This would be an issue on other websites if it was actually not solvable.

| >>511015 you have a link to a list of proxy ip addresses

| >>510917 >>510932 look up fast.ai... they have free online courses for image recognition machine learning using Python and fast.ai's variant of tensorflow. I was in a 10 week crash course on implementing these pre-built libraries to do whatever you can think of. Doing it with ai would be cake, basically copy-paste. I'm certainly not "the spammer" but if I were, that's how I would do it...

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This thread is permanently archived