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How many of you are actively transitioning right now?

| Overtly or covertly, it doesn't matter. Just how many of us freaks have started down the road to hell together?

Even in the closet there's still no going back now, but the only alternative was death

| You seem like one weird cookie.

| transitioning?

| I think he means gender change

| girl pills are too expensive :(

| oh shit
take the alternative

| That's degenerate. If you're not happy with the gender you are then you have to accept it. Attempting to change it will only cause damage.

| >>477371
It's nonsensical to talk about degeneration in the current society. Let people do what they want if it doesn't concern you (and this doesn't concern you at all). You can give valid arguments, but don't start attacking people who did you no wrong.

| Transitioning to what?

If this is a gender thing then no, not I but feel free to do what you want. As anon above said it doesn't really concern me, you do you.

| I am. Slowly. FTM! It's tough... I can't afford surgery yet, but I'm working on that, and I can't bind because my skin has a sensitivity issue! But I can pass if I try hard. I was born intersex actually but was assigned female basically at random...

| disgustang

| Daddy didn't beat you enough right?

| >>477371
Look at all this sodium poisoning, I won't even need to salt my own popcorn with these edgelords in the thread.

| >>477373
t. unpassable trannies

| >>477511
Nope. I just happen to have common sense, which yoh obviously lack.

| It's weird how /d/ would have probably been a more appropriate thread just cause transphobes probably don't all swarm there. They'd probs ask for pics but that's cause they're horny.

Anyhow OP. I'm not. I never felt male or female as I kinda saw myself in both genders. I'll let others see me as a man, but I feel like I can fill both roles and that's how I behave.

I still kinda wish I would have the time to crossdress at least. People behaving as if I was a girl would feel nice...

| >>477464 clearly he beat you too much, you should get some therapy for that

| >>477318 i would do it if i could just get some E...

for now, i just wish for either being turned into a cis girl overnight or dying in my sleep, either would be fine by me...

i try my best to at least feel a bit cute, it's not working out so well...

| transitioning into sleep, my gurl. nighty

| Why is there such a need for so many people to take axe wound literally, i will never understand.

| >>477629
It's not more people than before, it's just that the internet allow them to gather. And that they would either shut up or be sent in an asylum before, which wasn't really better.

| >>477579 Im happy with who i am, i don't need pills or any surgery to accept myself and be happy with my body. OP can't say the same, so its clear who really needs therapy here, and its not me

| You want to remove your penis just to have a fake mutilated vagina to "play" as a woman and i need therapy? Bitch are you stoopid?

| >>477537 if this was on /d/ they would want pics of their smol trap dick to masturbate too, so if you take that as a compliment then yes much better over there, if you're a bit put off by that then ehh it's a wash really

| And for the people who aren't a fan of this, the dsm-5 recognises gender dysphoria as a mental illness, the treatment is therapy, hormones, and transition surgery, so if you don't like it take it up with the medical industry

| >>477644
You are a guy randomly criticising people online who didn't do anything wrong to you, for no good reason. Seems like you have bigger troubles.

| >>477651 Where did i lied? Im not making critics, im just saying the truth

| My boi, or girl, or whatever the fuck he is want to REMOVE HIS DICK and have and artificial hole instead, and i have bigger problems? Im not against it, he can do whatever he wants to but u can't deny thats fucked up

| I would replace my feet with shoes with retractable wheels so i could skate around if i could. But we didnt reach this level of technology yet.

| So many people assuming transitioning exclusively means habing genital surgery when a lot can't even afford that becayse it's prohibitively expensive

| >>477656 This!

Trans people want to be treated as the gender they are, not necessarily just have genital surgery. This damn moral histeria of "perverts wanting to have a play thing between their legs" couldn't be further from the truth.

Like when I hear >>477654 all I want to say is "Yeah. So what?" cause seriously you twats don't want to treat trans people as their gender UNTIL they do that.

Also note the focus on MTF transition. It's "fucked up" because it's a guy, is it now?

| >>477664 I ran out of character so I said "guy" but ofc a trans woman is a woman (or G/u/rl) regardless of what she's packing in her pants.

This shit just proves how genital surgery seems manditory cause of the uncaring society we live in.

| >>477654 please read>>477647
They are treating the dysphoria, and if you don't understand what is said there you have no basis for your opinion other than your feelings

| for some reason my tag changed :(
i'm >>368844

| >>477654 what's to say that trans women aren't women in the first place?

| Imagine posting on a cyberpunk board but being disgusted by body modification.

>>477318 I'm a guy and will always be a guy, but I wish I could be cute sometimes. Eventually I will pretend to be a girl to do that but I need to lose some weight and grow hair first.

>>477665 regardless of gender, we're all g/u/rls here, g/u/rl.

| >>477668
>be me, a real transgender woman
>have gender dysphoria
>decided to get it treated
>get my dick cut and an artificial hole made, which has to be dillated so it doesn't heal up
>that hit the spot, gender dysphoria gone

| >>477775 are you sure that post op trans women dilate so their vagina won't heal back up?

also, this isn't 4chan, if you wanna greentext, do it there

| 4chan wasn't the place for greentexting either until pewdiepie had his way with it.

| >>477897 >thinks geentexts is better than superior communist redtexts

| I hope every other g/u/rl out there on this journey had better luck than I've had so far, because it's been very bumpy...

Still, the more we stay alive, the more the angry neanderthals burn alive with rage, so... It's a pretty nice incentive to keep rolling!

| >>477775 again those are treatment options approved by the medical community, if that doesn't work for you you should be talking to your doctor not shitposting

| trans girls = adorable and sweet and cute

| >>479423
it's almost like you're trying to hypnotize yourself

| just remember the suicide statistics. that's all.

| >>479427 what if i'm into being hypnotized?

| >>479428 hard to forget 'em with people like you around

| >>479534
projecting. it's always somebody else's fault.

| >>479618 might i ask something?

would you want to live in a world where most of the people in it actively hate and despise your existence?

would you want to live in a world where you have to live in fear because someone might kill or rape you just because of who you are?

would you want to live in a world where you have to prove your existence and identity to every goddamn person you meet?

would you?

| >>480114
>would you want to live in a world where you have to live in fear because someone might kill or rape you just because of who you are
yeah muslims are bad

| >>479423
It would be nice if I was, but let's be realistic...

| >>480351 give me some proof, please

| >>486177 it's true,though...

you're a beautiful lady~ <3

| >>487923 proof of what? Muslims being bad?

If it's that, you just need to Google some shit.

| >>487962 one bad Muslim does not make every Muslim bad, the Caucasian people gave small pox to the Indians but that doesn't make them all unsanitary diseased riddled troglodytes

(Not Muslim btw I don't want to blow up your house)

| >>487923 >>487962 they throw gays off buildings ffs
that was centuries ago. the mohameddians still live in the middle ages. they fucking stone people to death.
let them into your country retards

| >>489852 right those are Muslims but not all Muslims are them, so don't attack the sane ones, throw the people who throw gays off a roof, off a roof for all I care but if there's a moderate Muslim no point in attacking them same as Christians as long as they don't start trying to say laws need to conform to their believes and they follow the laws who cares

| >>489852 in my country Christians kill hundreds of people every year, better get rid of all Christians

| >>489852 yeah, and some christians shoot up abortion clinics, i don't see your point

the muslim friends i do have are very kind and accepting of all LGBTQ+ people

| Islam is a mistake. Your friend maybe dont beat women, but they atentamente against it cause its part of their religion

| They arent*

| >>490355 because no one ever had cherry picked religion and ignored the distaste stuff

| I like being what i am thank you.

| >>490358 regardless, they messiah is literally a pedophile bom who likes incest to

| >>490217
Your response looks like a bluepilled copypasta, muh not all mudslimes are bayd. Faggot.

| >>490355 trust me, they are against it

| >>490414 i'd rather be a faggot ovet being like you

oh wait

i already am one, and i love it

| >>490414 m8, saying an entire group of people is bad is literally identity politics, what do you think the "sjws" are doing?

You can say radical Muslims or fundamentalist Muslims are bad because they are, but if there's a Muslim that is basically harmless why attack them? the individual is important

| >>490465 the muslim himself isnt the problem, the problem is the religion itself.
Like i said, nothing good can come from a religion who worships a pedophile

| >>490442 why should i? I met enough muslims to know what im saying. I was quoting one of them when i said that.

| Christian people do a lot a ship but at least Jesus wasn't a rapist/women beater

| Shit*

| >>490469 are you sure you've met muslims?

| This was supposed to be a thread about transitioning and now you all have made it a religious fiasco

| >>490481 i liked that topic more

why don't we go back to what this thread is really about?

how has y'alls transitions been?

| everyone thats a tranny in this thread eat my ass and them die u guys r gross fuck i hate trannies die now bye idot

| >>492064 you gotta be more creative than that otherwise you're just more of a disappointment

| >>492064 nou

| Why would anyone talk oppose genderfluidity on a message board from the the future where robots are also basically a race and gender

| >>492088 that's always a good point

transgenderness and transhumanism always go hand in hand

| I'm having more sad regrets about having been born to regressive religious parents in a hick town because if I hadn't been, maybe I could have been allowed to start HRT at 13 instead of being closeted and having to shittily DIY it in my mid 20s... If not just be born a fucking cis girl to begin with

I'll commit the alchemical human transmutation taboo and give up a leg if I have to, just make the fucking rest of me a normal girl

| I'm not trans but I don't like my boobs and I wish I could use male clothes. Like just be a normal tomboy. Or move to a city where it doesn't really matter who you are.

| >>492326 you're normal in my eyes

| >>492345 sound eggy to me.
Also everywhere will matter who you are, if you act like asshole people will think you as one, if you act like a good person people will think your one, how you look and how you act when the first saw you will give people a initial opinion about you, that's just how the world is

| Oh look, ignorant retards coming in to shit on a thread not meant for them :D

| >>493454 True, thanks

| I'm fine with trans as a concept but not really fine with how that concept usually turns out to be.

Instead of nice trans women/men that look exactly like their gender, we get literal clowns that have no fucking idea what they are, making genders up and switching between them depending on their mood. And then they spew some shit about "not being accepted into the society" without realizing that they look like freaks.

Otherwise do whatever you want, idc. Just don't bitch about it.

| >>493554
Since I'm anonymous I can freely say this, so... As a trans person, like, an ACTUAL one, MtF and diagnosed by a medical professional with dysphoria and shit, all those trenders and 'genderqueers' honestly just piss me off... They're just as bad as drag queens, just making a fucking mockery of a serious issue like one's own gendwe identity... Like... I can understand Agender people who just wanna be neutral and called they/them but constant switching is fucked...

| >>493606 i don't see how being genderqueer/non binary is any different from being agender, heck agender is one of the genderqueer/non binary genders

| >>493695
It's the difference between someone having put ample thought and consideration into their innermost deepest sense of self-identity, and someone just treating it like its a fun little thing to swap around on a whim. For someone to look at the binary and go, 'nah, I'm neither/a little of both' is a stable identity and I can grok that. Not flippantly switching it up all over the place randomly when what they're really changing is just their outward gender expression

| for some reason my ID changed, i'm >>3c5c89

| >>49488 i think they 'switch it up' because of how they feel their gender is, i'd imagine it'd be real hard to 'prove' that their gender is how they say it is, but isn't that the same for us?

i'd imagine that you're not the biggest fan of having to prove your identity and gender to others, cause i sure don't.

| i'm only a girl when I feel like scamming dudes on the internet

| >>495085
You are bad

| >>495986 very true

| >>493554 Don't forget the AGP freaks...disgusting as fuck. At least drag queens are fun

| >>494885 >For someone to look at the binary and go, 'nah, I'm neither/a little of both' is a stable identity and I can grok that.

Let's not forget that this is a thing:


If that's how genderqueers want to be treated, they can genuinely just fuck right off. That's like saying "I'm only half a human. You see, the rest of me is unidentified". That's fucking retarded just like all of this non-binary bullshit.

| Thinking of recording myself as a girl with voice changer, but no tranny disphoria shit. Basically vocal crossdressing.

| why does my ID keep changing?

| >>496037 please watch contrapoint's video on AGP please, you might learn a thing or two

| >>496065 ahhhh the clasic "look at all these 'fake' genders" argument, i'm sorry to say but it's not 2016 anymore, that argument doesn't work.

pointing at one blog made by one person doesn't mean you can say "all these genderqueer people are weirdos and freaks'

i'm sure that the amount of people who identify with most of those genders is a very very very small minority of the genderqueer community.

| something to remember is that transphobia against genderqueer/nonbinary people is still trannsphobia.

i mean look at the trans flag, what exactly do you think the white part means?

| >>496123 i wonder...

if you could press a button that'd turn you into a girl, would you?

| i've been doing ok with my transition

| >>496163
When I look at a woman, I can clearly say that it's a woman. Same goes to when I see a man. When someone switches their gender, they make themselves look like the gender they wanna be and it doesn't make me question their gender.

But when I see a genderless or non-binary person, the fuck am I supposed to do? Ask them "hey, what's your gender and do you have one"? I'm not a transphobe, I just fucking hate freaks in public.

| >>496291 yeah, you are meant to ask them that, it's polite.

and calling people freaks and saying you don't want to see them in public definitely sounds very hateful to me, and transphobia = hating trans people.

so yes, i would say that you're a transphobe.

| Conflating agender/nonbinary people with "genderqueer" people is a mistake, though. Feeling like your true, innermost sense of where you are on the spectrum of gender presentation is just in the middle rather than firmly to either side is one thing, but at least it's a definite lifelong identity instead of something as fickle as claiming to be either or based on daily-changing feelings that can be as fickle as mood swings.

| >>496306 genderqueer and nonbinary mean the same thing

| >>496298
Interesting. So now in order to properly communicate with other people I must also find out what gender they are and which pronouns they prefer. You know, I already have a hard time remembering people's names, so if they're also gonna be bitching about their "xer" pronouns I might just go completely fucking insane.

It's cool to be yourself and all but that doesn't mean you can be a unicorn. And that's what genderqueer folks seem to do - try to become something made up.

| please fix this goddamn ID changing...
i'm >>241625

| >>496325 you don't "have" to remember their pronouns, but it's polite and kind if you at least put in the effort and try to remember.

i don't see how it's anymore made up than any other gender.

| >>496336
Ah, so NOW you're questioning the validity of the genders concept!

You see, in human biology there are two and ONLY TWO sexes: male and female. Gender is what you identify yourself as. You identify either as the gender you were assigned with at birth OR if you're mentally ill you just choose the opposite one.

If you don't feel like fulfilling any of those two gender roles - you just don't do it. There's no reason to proclaim yourself as something else.

| ^

| >>496358 what about intersex people?

and if people don't identify as male or female, then there must be more than just two.

| >>496358 "If you don't feel like fulfilling any of those two gender roles - you just don't do it. There's no reason to proclaim yourself as something else."

And yet you apparently have a problem with people just doing something else.

| >>480351
That argument was going somewhere but you just had to be autistic and bring muslims into it.

| >>496393 also, this thread isn't even about religion

| >>496367
Notice how the word "intersex" doesn't imply that it's another sex, so there are still two sexes. Also, saying that the lack of gender is a gender itself is wrong. That's like saying that atheism is a religion, even though it's actually a denial of any belief.

Like what? Ruining their own lives by being fucking imbeciles and also making people cringe over their looks, behaviour and ideas? Yes, I do have a problem with that.

| >>496427
I cringe at people who play Fortnite but their existence as humans is still valid, m8

| >>496427 intersex means inbetween the male and female sexes, i don't see how it implies that it's not another sex.

athiesm is not believing in any religion at all, while being agender doesn't mean that your gender identity doesn't exist, it just means that it doesn't lean in any of the other 'gender directions'

think of it as the 'true neutral' in regards to gender identities.

| >>496427 "I hate them because I hate them". Makes sense.

| >>496431
I didn't say that genderqueers are not allowed to exist, I'm just saying that the concept is idiotic.

"athiesm is not believing in any religion"
"being agender doesn't mean that your gender identity doesn't exist"


fucking hypocrite

Do I REALLY need to explain why I hate them?

| I can't believe I managed to trigger THAT many people...

oh boy

| Wtf is wrong with transphobes? If someone doing something you don't like, but that things don't damaged anyone, this can't do something bad for you, alright?

Also, I always surprised at gender stereotypes, this shit really don't need now, it's so irrational, harmful to many people.

| >>496160 ID transition kek

| ffs this id changing, i'm >>b2ce43

| >>496486 you silly numptie, i explained what i mean about agenderism in more detail.

you can't just cut out a small bit of someone's argument

| and i don't understand why the concept is idiotic.

and also yes, please explain why you hate them.

| How tf this threas is still alive? There are so many fags in dangeru?holy fuck

| >>496723 said the person who just kept it alive

| >>496685
Agender means you have no gender. Yet you're making it sound like it's a gender, which it fucking isn't.

1. There are 2 genders for a reason.
2. Most of them are just attention whores anyway.
3. The gender spectrum is needlessly complex and unoptimized and doesn't seem to have a united reliable source.
4. If a person is really struggling with their gender, they should instead seek out help or go to a therapist instead of making up genders for their own amusement.

| >>496756 i'm making it out to be like that because it fucking is, being agender doesn't mean that your gender doesn't exist, it means that it doesn't lean to either male or female gender indentities.

| >>496756

1. what is the reason exactly?
2. have you met a genderqueer person?
3. just because something is complex and unoptimized doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
4. i don't disagree there, but it doesn't mean that they're making up genders.

and none of those are good reasons for hating a group of people.

if you cannot think of a good reason to hate a group of people, maybe they don't deserve to be hated?

| >>496771

I'm saying that there are people who don't wanna have a gender yet you're saying that they have a gender that is just not bound to either male or female. Please stop, you're making my head hurt.

| >>496772
1. Biology, sociology and long years of studying human behavior. And all it boils down to is that there are a lot of studies about females and males. Quarter-females, attack helicopters and jetplanes however have never been properly studied and will most likely never be, so science is not on genderqueer's side, neither are sane people.

| 2. Sorry, i don't talk to bio-waste :---DDDDD

jk, I'm still talking to you after all

Anyway. No, I haven't. But from how most of them act I can make pretty big conclusions, and not in their favor. And those conclusions really don't make me wanna talk to any of them.

| 3. Okay, I'm just gonna pretend that you're a dumbass because you seem to fail to understand how an overly complicated set of rules that is not even properly defined and which is pretty much being shoved down other people's throats that don't even happen to care all that much can make someone hate a certain group of people.

| 4. Okay, then I'll be tracergender

And don't you dare say to me that I just made that gender up, because it means that I'm 1/12 female, 1/8 male, 1/4 jeff and 1/2 pro gamer. Also I prefer totally not made up pronouns such as "cutie" and "sweet". And don't you dare misgender me or misuse my pronouns.

| >>496542 Yes it does, being transgender promotes this incorrect type of thinking to other people around you and maybe your children too. This might have a chance to turn turn them into transgenders or agenders or whatever the fuck you are talking about too. And with all those people who you influenced, the cycle continues. No offense but isnt that kinda how a virus works?

| >>496776 i don't understand why it's so hard for you

| >>496777 that doesn't disprove anything.

i do agree that it should be studied more, though.

| >>496778 please try at least, you might be a bit more understanding...

| >>496779 it's easy to understand if you just try.

| >>496780 ok, then.

if in your heart of hearts, you're sure tgat you're tracergender, then i'll gladly support you.

after all, who am i to say what a person's identity should be, especially considering it's none of my business.

| >>496783 how is it incorrect?

| >>497487 imo its just gonna make more people think they have the wrong body or the wrong gender or the wrong ponouns or whatever shit you need for your this or that needs, and sooner or later it will cause some bullying etc. I dont have necessarily have anything against it but im just think its a little shit to be it since its probably gonna make your life alot more shit when youre someone that attends school or etc. Maybe incorrect wasnt the correct word. Maybe... "inconvinient"?

| >>497262

That does prove the fact that the gender spectrum has not been proven to be real or to have any real implication and can easily be called "made up" and "incorrect".
It's a theory with no proofs to support it, so all it is is just some tumblr-esk hypothesis that has no real basis and can be easily discarded.

Gladly I'll never be able to meet one anyway because I happen to live in an intolerant to this kind of shit place.

| >>497397
Again, there is no reliable source for this sort of stuff, just like no actual proof for this whole "gender theorem". While some sources are easy to understand and some of them I even sort of approve, there are just as many sources that dump a whole lot of info about this whole gender conundrum that you can hardly read or understand. Again, no definitive source, just some tumblr blog posts that you'll have to rely on.

| >>497475
I was hoping you'd respond "I'm already tracergender" just to admire my brilliant mad meme skills but I guess not.

| How sad that the /pol/yard-tier "lul attak helicopter" level of discourse is prevailing here instead of anything else. So much "reeeee I don't understand it therefore decades of research and centuries-old archaeological proof of their having already existed must be WRRRONNNNG b/c sargon tells me so" bullshit instead.

| >>499383 it is inconvinient, but is the bulling a problem with the the people who are trans?
or is it a problem with the bullies?

| >>499714 oh, urban dictionary.
the best proof.

| >>499714 i'm sorry that you live in that sort of area

| >>499728 the sources you gave weren't exactly much better...

| >>499734 it was not exactly the highest quality of meme to begin with, and you didn't make it any better, that's for sure.

| >>502053 It doesnt matter whose problem it is because in the end it will happen eitherway. Bullying others of our species is LITERALLY part of evolution. But yea, bullying will happen no matter whose problem it is.

| >>502131
Alright, sure, maybe urban dictionary is a bad source for something that has literally no reliable source to begin with (as I said numerous times before).

Then let me see your proofs. Remember, scientific studies =/= tumblr blog posts or buzzfeed shit, since those are not reliable sources. Good luck.

Read above.

| >>502268
I knew I should've added "sarcasm" somewhere in between those lines due to your restricted intelligence. Sorry about that, I promise that you will never see my really clever and well hidden sarcasm in my funny and supreme jokes ever again.

Oh wait, I think i fucked up.

| >>500849
One doesn't have to be a /pol/tard to have an opinion.

| >>502983 i clearly should've also added sarcasm...

| >>502971 since it's such a new subject, there hasn't been time to do studies on it, but i'm excited for when they are done.

and it would be hard to do a study on this sort of thing anyways, same with any other thing to do with psyhcology.

if you have any real sources to disprove it, i'll be glad to look at them.

| >>503625
Oh, right, it's recent... or is it?

A so-called "queer theory" has been emerged in 1990. Scientists had 28 years to prove it. Sadly, that theory has never been properly proven or even studied by competent people that are not far-left anarcho-feminists. All it is right now is just a sloppy concept with no real basis or proofs to support it.

Also, queer theory is sociology, not psychology. Think about that before writing another reply. I pointed that out for a reason.

| my id changed, i'm >>81e36e

| >>509853 it took columbus 26 years to get sponsored for his journey to discover the US.

just because there hasn't been any studies on it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

gravity existed before neuton discovered it.

also, i still wanna see to see something that proves me wrong

| is this thread where tumblr went after it died?

| I'd just like to point out that many ivy league universities offer a free gender change+medical coverage to immediate family of employees.

| id changed, i'm >>312d7e

| >>510753 i never had an account on tumblr.

| now my id changed back????

| >>510768 that's amazing to hear!

| Wait, where did some of my posts go? With unicorns and fairies and shit.

| You're transitioning from sleep. This is the real world, >>cadf53, deal with it.

| >>511048
My posts might've been removed by accident after maybe some kind of raid, dunno.

| The thread got hit? We got exploded?

| >>511053 >>512267 disclaimer: i dont know what im talking about.
i think perf had some problems with the server so he restarted it, whenever he do that some replies and even whole thread get deleted.

| Well, after a while it's not exactly like a lot of them were fostering positive or cathartic angsty discussion, mostly just grumpiness and shit flung by transphobes


| Well, back to the original topic of the thread...
I am, kinda. More of a passive transition cause it's hella slow and covert and frustrating, but we're making progress. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

| >>512466 you'll get there, i promise!~

| I just want to be accepted as a real girl... Not just in sketchy anonymous places online but in the real world, by normal cis people... I want a wife who loves me as a woman and won't hate me for being like this and will make me forget how fake I am...

In other news I shaved my legs and got too many shaving cuts. So now instead of sleek softness I get pain and a reminder of gross body hair.

| >>499734 gud meme thanks for the laugh :^)

| >>1b9317
heya, i'm in a similar situation!
i prolly can't help with the acceptance part but maybe i can help with the shaving lol
i use an electric shaver(it's a eyebrow trimmer type thing but armpit hair trimmers work too) & i put on facial washing cream on my legs before shaving to moisturise/lubricate so i don't get any cuts at all!
also heard that u can use lemons to bleach ur leg hair(squeeze em on) & it won't be so noticable so mayb try that? i'm gna try it sometime soon!

| >>1b9317
also, this thingy
it basically says that sexual satiety kills ur androgen receptors & boosts ur androgen receptors so
fap a shit ton(4 times in a day) & u will feel/look girlier over time
seems to have worked, i'm a trap now!

| But I thought fapping made you get more testosterone... Not to mention don't feminine hormones kill sex drive or at least ability to cum? Guh this is all confusing... And it's only one of the ten thousand other aspects of girlhood.

| Reading this thread i realized that im very glad of being a white heterossexual man and handsome too. Cause being a white guy don't mean shit if u still a fat fuck or a skinny bih.

| And i think its easier to admit trans people has problems and try to have some treatment than trying to make everyone accept this as a normal thing, like, even you know that this shit don't make sense.
Putting this idea in society's throat just make things worse

| Just saying, its your right to be anything you want, a woman, an alien, an unicorn.
But don't take my right of thinking this is ridiculous

If u can't stand living with people judging your looks, your lifestyle, you should live in a cave, cause being judged is part of living in society.

| >>496160 >>494894 >>477715 >>496160 >>496334 >>496684 >>510783 it's an anonymous board for a reason who cares if your id changes
>>499734 garbage tier memery

| >>1b9317
well idk but my logic(and the research papers) goes like this
too much fap = sexual burnout = less t reception to prevent sexy thoughts
& yeah if ur balance is towards the "female" hormones you'll have decreased sex drive, but i'm pretty sure cumming won't be out till the imbalance/lack of t is pretty severe
anywho i've been doing this for around 2 yearsish & i've somewhat achieved androgyny

| >>df8ec4
Yea, doing it normally boosts T, but if you do it too much it can reduce it. I think it's like, if you release some of the old stuff and replace it with new stuff, it will give you a boost even though it uses some T, but if you empty it completely by releasing it all or releasing frequently, your body uses most of the T rebuilding and so the rest of your body can't use as much as it needs.

| Now I have to find some kind of aphrodesiac to make myself MEGA horny because my libido toned down a ways when I started getting started with all this, not to mention getting older and no longer being the horny teen that I once was who could easily rat a tat tat one out in a minute flat before school every day, and after school, and before bed... Shit.

| Honestly I just want to get this thread to 200 so I can have a minor feeling of achievement

( o_o) pls forgiv my ambition

| ok

| >>514085 you could edge for a while then when your ready just cum!

Oh also I heard that e can atrophy your d if you don't beat your meat often, dunno how much of it is true tho

| >>514415
Not like I want this thing anyway, who cares if it gets a little smaller?

| a big problem with all that is that fapping makes me feel awful afterwards...

| >>514769 ah the old post fap depression, suck a lot but still it's always there

| It's not just depression but shame too. Confusion.

| i just know that all my transgirl friends have had a harder or nonexistant time trying to orgasm. it's been too weird for them.

this one told me they felt like they had a fake vagina in there somewhere but they couldn't reach it for obvious reasons and they didn't want to just do anal. and also their dick don't work.

| >>514884 that's probably because of HRT, the stuff with having a hard time with orgasming i mean.

| i've been waiting to see a gender therapist for about 6 months now. :c

| >>514936 i'm so sorry...

i haven't had the chance to be able to even get a appointment...

| i wish all of this was easier...

| Body hair is torture
But facial hair is beyond even that
Why won't it ever stop

| >>515367 it will one day, i promise...

| I've been transitioning for the past two years, full time for a year and scheduled for bottom surgery next summer :)

| >>515646 i'm so happy for you!~

| >>515605
But, I'm pretty sure it won't, unless you mean stopping it's growth by way of my killing myself and being dead and thus no longer eligible for my gross male-bodied hair to continue propagating

| >>515726 laser will get rid of it, i promise

| i hope y'all are ok...

| >datamining to see if people are traps and others that can persuasively become traps in the future on here before starting your trap psyop on the catalogue
I see u FBI...

| >>516004 as neither a trans girl nor a trap I can tell you that the two are completely different

| >>516046 for me the difference between them it's that a trans girl isn't a trap but a trap is most likely a trans girl, also call them femboys you animals

| Yet another appointment with the nurse practitioner and I still haven't been able to get connected with a doctor that accepts and prescribes HRT for trans people... Why did I have to be born in a red state

| >>516085 no you whore a femboy is a boy who's feminine by accident but a trap is one who's purposefully feminine to trick other guys

| >>516102 a femboy is a guy who want to look femenine, there's even some who use hrt for it, a trap is a internet slang that it's used to refer to anyone who look like a woman but has a dick, most of the time anyone who's called a trap is a femboy, but in some cases is a trans girl.
since being femenine is like the first step to treat gender dysphoria a great percentage of femboys will become transgirls later in life

| Transitioning?
No, sorry, I'm not mentally ill enough and I have more important buisness to attend.

| Cis people are so lucky to never have to experience dysphoria

It's an entirely unique kind of pain

| >>516277 clearly it's not that important considering you spent the time to comment on this thread

| >>516375 it's not that important to answer like that, and creating such a thread. We're here not to do some important things.

| >>516386 i'd say that thing topic of this thread is pretty darn important

| >>516399 So, you are about that. When I said about more important thigs to do in>>516277 I meant, that people have nothing to do in their life, so they start pretending to be a girl, while they are biologiaclly a man just to be uniqe and special

| Please go away, transphobic person

We are all sad enough already

| >>516446 i don't think they "do" it to be special, they're just being who they truly are

| >>516498
Nah, they're just trying to escape the reality instead of embracing it and accepting themselves in the way they were born. And then cry about it on the internet. They truly are pitiful things.

| >>516544 i wonder...
have you ever met a trans person before?

| Wow the first 2 boards I see are about trans stuff! I'm so proud of this community

| >>516555 i'm glad!
having a community that's pretty supporting of this stuff is the best!~ <3

| >>516552
No but this whole thread is like one big trans meeting: everybody here is complaining about pubes or something still growing like holy fuck. The nature is doing the right thing while you fucks are fighting it by taking hormones and destroying your own beautiful overweight, sweaty, hairy bodies in the process.

Cease your tries gentlewomen, you will never look as beautiful and convincing as real girls.

| >>516552 shut up highguard

| smh it doesn't matter if you're male or female here we're all g/u/rls

| >>516584 i don't see how taking hormones would "destroy" bodies.

and i just can't understand why you talk such a way about a group of people you've never met

| >>516586 highguard?
i've never heard of that term before

| >>516584
If someone is born with poor eyesight, they shouldn't wear glasses because that would be fighting nature. If someone catches a contagious disease, they should not take pharmaceuticals, because that would be fighting nature. If a woman is about to die in childbirth and the only way to save her and the infant is a c-section, the doctors should abstain because that would be fighting nature. If someone is born unable to walk, they should never use a wheelchair, because--

| And actually why if man belives he is Napoleon, he will be considered mentally ill. But if man thinks he is a woman, yeah, let's protect him.

| >>516623
If someone is only capable of using comparisons as arguments, they should never participate in discussions, because those can't be classified as legit arguments for obvious reasons.

I see no fucking way how one could correlate unintended by nature gender transformations to vicious diseases and disabilities. Or are you implying that trans are disabled? Damn, and then I thought I was "offensive" here...

| >>516610 Because Highguard is his discord tag. Here he is: HighGuard#0001

| >>516610 Because Highguard is his discord tag. Here he is: HighGuard#0001

| >>516676
Being considered a "woman" by society and thus associated with "feminine" things like skirts and pink and romantic movies is entirely an arbitrary social construct. Being Napoleon, a specific entity who existed in the past, is not. Get your weaksauce sisterfucker logic out of here, /pol/shit.

| merry christmas, all y'all!~

| i hope all of you adorable people had a good time!~ <3

| it wasn't

| Trans people are fucking stupid

| Trans people are fucking stupid

| Trans people are fucking stupid

| Trans people are fucking stupid

| Trans people are fucking stupid

| Trans people are fucking stupid

| Trans people are fucking stupid

| Just take the correction surgery you fucking idiots

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