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i have a crush on my principal

| i have a big crush on him.i see him rarely though. he just doesn't get out of his fucking room. he's so attractive and handsome but he is 40 and he has a 2 year old son.. I'm 15. I know this is a messed up and funny situation but i have no one to tell. If my friends learned that they wouldn't talk with me anymore. they'd think I'm disgusting. now i don't know what to do about it.

| should i try to seduce him? or just give up? whenever i see him i look at him in the eye but i don't think he even knows that much about me.

| today in school garden i always looked at him in the eye and i also smiled a bit. but he keeped turning his head when he saw me.

| also i don't think that he's married, he has only one photo with his son and he has no photos with his wife. i guess they are divorced.

| Two possibilities:
- He has no interest in you at all
- He's a pedophile, which mean that he's dangerous (not because of pedophilia, but because it'd mean that he chose his job because of that)

So no, just don't.

| but what'd be wrong if you both wanted each other?

| >>466386 if he's a pedophile, wouldn't it be easier for me? I'd make him be with only me and if he ever thinks about being with other students, i would tell him that I'll go to police if he flirted with other students so i wouldn't make myself just another toy for him.>>466409 it'd be awesome if he wanted me~ we would keep our relationship as a secrett:) but if i make a move on him it may be dangerous,there's a possibility that he could also tell my parents about it :(

| >>466415
perhaps you need to get him drunk and then get him to slip up even just a bit so that you can lever him with evidence into more.
get friendly with him first, draw him nice art every day or something.

| >>466415
If he's a pedophile, he only cares about your body.
But if you want to make a shitty decision you can try.

| Dont...just give up on this thing i know that at 15 is hard but you will risk more than some tears if hes really into kids...pedophilia is really a big problem and its dangerous.plus you are a kid (no offence) but a grown up man have more resources than a 15 yo kid dont think you can outsmart him or corner him like that...that would put you in even more danger

| >>466415 Throw that phat little booty for that principle you naughty girl

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