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English Thread #1

| By request, a general thread to discuss whatever until the website is updated with new security measures.

| Seems like a good idea! I hope that russians wont still this idea

| I hope this works

| >>458274

Local russians hate the spammer far more than you do.

| >>458285 pretty sure that's a joke, the Russian thread has been around

| Hey if the Russians can work with only one thread, so can we!

| Lets start a topic

| rip dangeru

| I'm russian. May I post here as well?

| >>460583


| Thanks

| *sips tea*

| Rip thread

| hewwo?

| I'm not really English. I'm a Canadian. May I still talk in this thread?

| >>460700 basically the same thing

| >>460702
Canadians and russians are nothing alike

| Welp he's back at it again, so ima hang out here.


| Where are you from g/burg/rls?

| >>461307

| >>461307

The not Russian bits of Eastern Europe.

| Australia, mate

| >>461837 Which state, mate?

| Qld

| Down in Vic over here

| >>461307 Spain

| So, how's everybody doing?

| >>461760
all of eastern Europe then

| >>463902
Great! I have a gf! You can ask me anything if you want!

| >>464169 is your gf your own twin

| >>464178
I don't know my relatives all that well so that's possible.

| >>464188 so I guess you are not the girl I was looking for

| >>464191 g/u/rl*

| >>464169
Re:re: Why you always lyin?

| >>466350

| >>461307

| Damn, is the spammer still at it?

| guys, what's better to buy? a good dildo or an onahole, gay jockes arent allowed


| >>469231
Buy an onahole with two-side, you know. I'm darn sure there are futa-themed onas. Just saying, not that I have any.

| >>469305
thank you, didnt expect to get real advice here, glad that such friendly ppl are still exist here

| Nigga aint someone doing something about that spammer? Im starting to think that people aint giving a shit about this board anymore, thats fucking sad

| >>469426 I'm slowly losing hope on this board as well. This is like the only active english textboard and i don't even like imageboard

| bich

| I hope that they stop the spammer soon, this board is just hanging by a thread

| >>469531
Ba dum tiss

| at 8 episode of doctor who in 1 season at 13:02 they just rickrolled us


| Devs were busy with midterms/schoolwork, website update incoming.

| anybody wanna cyberfuck??

| ПривЕЕеееТт ФоРуМчане!!!)))!!!)))

| >>469679 Damn spammer knew when to strike

| >>475665
Please stop talking about fucking spam. Find another topic. Please

| >>476958 we Will stop talkin about it when this bullshit stops happening, simple

| So how are you people doing today?

I'm having a horrible morning where I get attacked by vertigo every five minutes or so. Yay.

| >>477005
Pretty shitty tbh

| >>475509

I'm honestly not entirely sure whether this is 'Private Forum Channel' like 'Private Thread' or 'Forumchane' is a Russian take on Forum-chan.

| >>477052 it translates to "hello forumers!

| >>477005 It rained here during the day for the first time this year, but I live in California near the massive wildfires so it's gross and smoky and I can't go out in it. The rain ceremony is canceled.

| This thread is so dead

| >>477590
It can't be dead if it was never alive in the first place

| >>477660 hey, just like me

| Oh goddd the spammer is back


| How did the spam thing started ?

| >>682083
Wow what a nice ID

| thx <3
But im sure that i used to have another ID

| lol

| Is the ID thing bugged ?
I have 3, db4d3d, 682083 and this one

| >>482750 it changes every time your IP changes (so every time you connect to a different network) and sometimes at random. I believe someone said it had to do with Cloudflare's identity protection.

| >>485158 Yeah, I remember when it was more consistent last year. Even tracked me room to room in the same building, and back again.

Now it seems like more of a tossup.

| >>487954
Huh, it's actually more consistent to me now. Like, it'll stay the same for days while before I can post to the same thread within five minutes ansd it'll be different


| This kitty was fucking staring into my soul as I walked past the pet store window and even as I was walking out the mall door. Ofc it was a black cat too for extra spooks.

I wish I could adopt that fucker but no

| I'm from Argentina. My day was good, thanks. Now I'll make it better watching some lesbian chikan.

| From Canada here. Hope the spammer thing gets resolved quickly.

| geez, please someone do something about the spanmer

| >>492355 Pelé is better than Maradona

| I drink antioxidants too


| >>492051 I own two black cats. Just go for it. They're beautiful and cute, and g/u/rls think you're cooler for it because black cats are adopted less. So you're helping the kittens, by taking two that would have otherwise been put down into your home. That's your selling line. Also, chances are, they aren't all black. One of mine has a single white whisker, and the other has a couple hairs on her neck that are white. Not all black = no bad luck. Either that, or it's grey.

| >>496025 Oh trust me, if my family was okay with it I'd have adopted that kitty. I don't really think about the black cats= bad luck thing. If anything I'd be matching hair color lol.

Seriously, the other cats weren't giving a single fuck when I passed except that one. Feels bad man


(• x •)
/ \
/ |\_/]

| >>496263 me-effin-ow friendo

| Ah geez Reol's back

| Dammit, I scrolled through 11 pages and they're all spam. I was really enjoying the language-learning threads too :(

| Maybe this message will be ignored, i wish i could make a thread but the spammer is active so, i just gonna say it here.
Im going to the hospital and i don't know if i will come back, but i just want to say something.
Most of the time i was an idiot with everyone, with my girlfriend, my family, and my friends, with everyone. But last year something happen and it changed my whole point of view.

| >>507813
Good luck

| And since that moment i am trying to be a good person, to fix my mistakes and to change. Every night when i get to sleep i remember everything i did to hurt who was around me, how many people i fucked up, how i destroyed a lot of things that matters to someone.
And thats make me want to cry, i did nothing but shit all my life, ive make people miserable, and when im gone people will be happy

| Im trying to fix alot of things but i know most of then its impossible to fix. I discovered that being nice feels a lot better than being an asshole, but maybe i discovered it too late.
I just wanted to say that, don't matter how angry you feel, how sad you are, it dont give you the right of being mean with people around you.
Everyone has they struggle, not only you.
Be nice, this is a word ofw someone who has been an asshole all his life, and i know what im saying when i say

| Being an asshole doesn't worth it
Wish me luck in the hospital, bye.
Or adieu, idk

| >>507888 Thank you <3

| >>508089 come back and contribute living this new lovely philosophy bruh

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