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/+/+/Welcome to the t/u/torial PL/U/S extra real edition/+/+/

| Welcome to danger/u/, a text board of far(or not so far(or is it?(or maybe its really close(for sure?(yes(maybe(tho can we be sure(no?(yes(yes??(no)))))))))) ) future filled with (not) intelligent people on varios (dead) boards.

We have many (un)interesting boards such as.

/a/ - for /a/nime
-full of harmless weebs!
-great to place russian ads on!

| /burg/ - for /̵̭̞̰͉͍̳̆́͝b̶͙̺̎̃͆͘ù̵̱̬͜͠r̷̡̢̮͌̐̂ǧ̴̬̦̎͗/̶̛̺̜̈́!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-nothing yet is known about this creature but only that it feeds on souls of those praising it!
-more angry people it eats more angry /̵̭̞̰͉͍̳̆́͝b̶͙̺̎̃͆͘ù̵̱̬͜͠r̷̡̢̮͌̐̂ǧ̴̬̦̎͗/̶̛̺̜̈́ become![/spoiler]

/cyb/ - for /cyb/er
-dont enter, rp fags inside(jk, love ya all)!
-could be more fun if someone could make some content for it just for lols!

/d/ - for /d/uck /d/ick!
-usially filled with others dark deep fantasies!
-a place where lewd type pocemon spawns, their main ability is to draw lewd stuff!
-traps are no-no!
-animals are no-no!
-family are no-no!
-fun are no-no!

/lain/ - for serial experiments /lain/
-just cyberpunk themed board....
-nothing else to say
-its just dead
-always was

/mu/ - for /mu/sic
-just a dead place!
-always been a dead place!

| /new/- for /new/s
-once a peacefull place
-now a political hell itself
-dont go there
-if you stick your dick in your mouse you may end up here forever . . . yep

/tech/- for /tech/nology
-if you enter it from your windows be ready for trouble, g/u/rls here are super linux users, those will hack your ip, find your real place in seconds, hack your toaster, make washing machine go crazy and send some darkweeb killers after you!

| nice

| /u/ for fuck /u/
-main board!
-do whatever you want!
-sniff whores!
-fuck glue!

/v/ for /v/ideo games
-the only chill board
-nothing more i can say about it

Wow, just look how much new fun things we did just learn!

| Now lets look at some "/tech/" stuff of this board shall we?
So, by adding
before text the whole thing will be red until you finish your text by making a new line by pressing enter.

We also can H I D E our text for whatever reason!
Can you believe that? Wow, that how much technology has gone forward, what next, we will be able to upload images, music or maybe videos? Nah, like such thing could happen, our technology inst that advanced yet.

| Awsome huh?
Now you see my text!
Now you dont!
And you can do it too!

[spoiler*]big gay[/spoiler*]
Just write it^^^
Dont forget that its case insentitive, so you cant do
[SPoiLER]big gay[/spOiLer]

Some say there also a way to write in different color but legend goes that only good g/u/rls can get such power, yet we didnt see anyone.

| So, for the final'e lets make a message to establish our presence here!

Wow, what a excitement!

So first you use your mouse to move a cursor to text box.

Did it?


Now lets write the message, it must be importmant, it must show you ARE unique, it must scream "tho im but a new user, i will make people here remember me!".

Now write...
"Im big gay".

That will show em, you will see!

| (WHAT, THOUGH I WOULD NOT DO THAT, THOUGH I NOT CRAZY ENOUGH TO DO THE WHOLE THING?! YOU GUESSED WRONG.... and why the fuck my id was changing after every message?) - OP of original t/u/torial post

| oh, its just some random gurl, nevermind - op

| Im big gay pfft goteem

| see where it says post number #418019 or whatever the shit? give that a click or poke and itll automatically let you quote some other g/u/rl's message! >>418019 wow!

for extra bonus points, you can click the ID part to quote EVERY MESSAGE that g/u/rl sent, EVER! (only in one thread actually) >>342539 cool!

and if you see these in someone else's post you can do those a click and see what it's referring to! awesome!

| Nice thread

| >>342539
Reee you literally left out THE best board.

>>>test is where all you the cool g/u/rls hang (or where they used to, because it's been dead af lately).
I mean we have a word filter and everything there, and Lain is almost guaranteed to see you're post in /test/

Also awoo~

| Oh also >>d0823f >>d4ee0d >>72b1bb >>7b918c >>342539 you can tag IDs by clicking the ID, if you click the word "ID" on a post it highlights all posts from that ID.
Clicking a post number for easy replies like >>418051 you can link boards with>>>u I believe it's supposed to be>>/u/ but I don't know if lain has fixed that yet.

Most underrated feature, you can link threads like this >>/test/417972 the number being the post number.

Oh also we can hide threads on the app now.

| Instructions received attempting to dislodge dick wish me luck

| >>418051 oh fuck, i completly miss out that 1

/test/ for /test/ing
-for some time been a place of living of cute awoo.
-there no awoo anymore..
-no one to do the awoo...
-im really sad about that....
- . . . . .

| >>418115 awooo

| >>418115 awoo

| >>418115 awo

| >>418056 "Most underrated feature, you can link threads like this>>/test/417972 the number being the post number." what a funny coincidence, cuz that is mine, was checking some features to be 200% sure before writing the whole thing -op

| ...and i've still fucked up with some parts, like whole /burg/ part supposed to be in spoiler... tho understandable its still a bit sad that there are no edit option.

| >>418379
It's alright op, you did aight.
you suck

| >>418417
Aw, thx u, such a sweet word for you to say
fuck you too<3


| >>418379

If you like, you can make a new t/u/torial thread and I'll just pin that. owo

This one is pretty comfy though.

| c48fbd

| the big lain

| Oh I guess we should also mention that you can only have up to 250 posts in a thread.

| you've got the big gey now

| So we need what like 200 more posts? We got this! Ganbatane!

| big gay

| (▰˘◡˘▰) comfy thread

| New cool t/u/torial in case danger/u/ downed.
How to deal with it.
¤Cry loud!
¤Open Kira☆Miki blog!
¤Cry about it there!
¤Fall in despair!
¤Perform some satanic rutuals calling for b̶͙̺̎̃͆͘ù̵̱̬͜͠r̷̡̢̮͌̐̂ǧ̴̬̦̎͗!
¤. . .?
¤Wow, danger/u/ is back after three days!!!

| >red text looks biuti

| How to delet spam?

| >>466408
!!!For app users only!!!
1. Open spammer threads.
2. Open options at top right corner.
3. Choose "Hide Thread".
4. Are there some more spammer posts left?
Yes - Go back to step 1.
No - Continue to step 5.
5. . . .?

Wow, after hiding like hundreds upon hundreds spammer posts you finally made /u/ clean(tho only for yourself) once again... untill another spammer raid!!!

!!!Also by doing that you get a special achievement "See no evil"!!!

| >>466448
This should be a thing, achievements for Danger/u/.

| Rip /cyb/
Should probs replace its description to
-one of the old rp fags

| >>417977
Is this the new Lisp thread?

| >>475674
Not sure what you mean by that... Its a continuation of original t/u/torial thread ive originaly made for lulz-


..so yeh, dont know anything about any "Lisp thread", i dont even know what (or who) it is. x3

| King my vhil Is gonna look like a monkey

| Sniif whores catching ;)

| >>475674
(when (is-lisp-thread this-thread) (format t "Lets all love Lain!~&"))

| Thank You For The Visits Anyway..

| [Spoiler]spoiler

| ifailednnn

| Im big gay

| O cant make new threads wtd is happeming

| big gay

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