New (new) app

| - Fix bug where opening a thread from the thread watcher would not draw a bar or jump to the bar
- Add panel to allow user to specify a custom bar color
- Update settings UI to have actual toggles and allow updating a setting without scrolling back to the top
- Add option to hide threads from the toolbar


| Nice

| Thanks Lain for adding the feature that shows you what board a watched thread is in

| Thanks Lain, love you

| Gimme more themes, Lain!!


| >>406615
Make more themes and email them to me!!

| Also you can only use one theme at a time so what would you even do with two dozen themes

| >>406624
Use the two dozen themes in two dozen instances of the app of course.

I'm too lazy.







| 브헐츄듇

| Will the app be on iOS?

| +1 will it come also on ios


| >>424133 >>416044
maybe in the far future

for now, there is https://niles.xyz/united

| Can you break the Reol spammer?

| >>494799
He is broken.

| Is the la/u/ncher app on F-Droid the same thing? I ask because I'd prefer a FOSS version if one such exists

| I don't know if it's the same as anything else, but I'm posting this from that app now.


| >>520244
Yes they are the same version

| In fact fdroid usually gets updates before the google play version

| >>520244

Just because it's on the play store doesn't mean it's not FOSS, the binary distributer is irrelevant so long as the code is open

| Yo I just got this app, anyone mind telling me what augmented eye and that blog are about?

| >>544207 The Augmented Eye is a fictional news website of the game Va-11 hall-a. The Kira Miki blog is from one of the game character's blog

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