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New (new) app

| - Fix bug where opening a thread from the thread watcher would not draw a bar or jump to the bar
- Add panel to allow user to specify a custom bar color
- Update settings UI to have actual toggles and allow updating a setting without scrolling back to the top
- Add option to hide threads from the toolbar


| Nice

| Thanks Lain for adding the feature that shows you what board a watched thread is in

| Thanks Lain, love you

| Gimme more themes, Lain!!


| >>406615
Make more themes and email them to me!!

| Also you can only use one theme at a time so what would you even do with two dozen themes

| >>406624
Use the two dozen themes in two dozen instances of the app of course.

I'm too lazy.







| 브헐츄듇

| Will the app be on iOS?

| +1 will it come also on ios


| >>424133 >>416044
maybe in the far future

for now, there is https://niles.xyz/united

| Can you break the Reol spammer?

| Is the la/u/ncher app on F-Droid the same thing? I ask because I'd prefer a FOSS version if one such exists

| I don't know if it's the same as anything else, but I'm posting this from that app now.


| >>520244
Yes they are the same version

| In fact fdroid usually gets updates before the google play version

| >>520244

Just because it's on the play store doesn't mean it's not FOSS, the binary distributer is irrelevant so long as the code is open

| Yo I just got this app, anyone mind telling me what augmented eye and that blog are about?

| >>544207 The Augmented Eye is a fictional news website of the game Va-11 hall-a. The Kira Miki blog is from one of the game character's blog

| Kinda a separate thing, but I use brave browser and want to auto-donate BAT... can you add a thing for that? https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/

| I just used the Notification thing and noticed that it started to use 200~300 of memory at the background and that my battery was draining pretty fast, just a heads up for all the g/u/rls

| Possibly has been asked before, but why is the app size so large? Clover, which supports multiple image boards is much smaller and has more features.

| >>565778 it's almost like we have an entire games soundtrack on this app

| >>565780
seems a bit unnecessary in my opinion. It inflates the size of the app far beyond what it needs to be and (I'm guessing) it's for a feature that most don't even use.

| >>565790 I'm pretty sure that point has been brought up before but don't really remember what lain said about it

| epic

| epic

| epic

| epic

| Games store

| >>b1006c lol

| >>575186 >>575186 >>575186 >>575186 >>575186 >>575186 >>575186 >>575186 >>575186 >>575186 >>575186 >>575186 lol

| IOS version?

| Lol why get an iPhone when the Moto G7 Power is leagues better than the iPhone X

| i love sex

| >still no ios version

| thank you lain-san

| Is anyone else not able to go to the music tab without the app freezing?

| ios version when?

| >>602814 same issue here

| >>604523 >>602814 had the same thing but today i was changing looks and eventually music started playing, still when it freezes when i click on it freezes

| I'd kill for an iOS version.

| Recently, the app submits double post. Any fix on the way?

| Recently, the app submits double post. Any fix on the way?

| >>f7b7c2 go to settings (three dots in upper right) and disable the setting that reads "jump to bar on load (requires userscript)"

| >>29aca2 it was already disabled

| >>29aca2 it was already disabled

| >>619466 then turn userscript and that setting on, post a bit in /test/, and then disable it.

| m

| \m/


| >>604706 >>602814 What version of Android are you guys running? I haven't been able to get it to freeze on my phone

| >>657498 Android 10 on Samsung S9+, I open the music player and then exit it, restart the app, it freezes.

| ...

| kek

| >>61b05b i have the same problem. i have an android 10 and a Samsung a30s. i just wanna listen to music, man.


| >>533605
the difference being that with the play store the developer submits signed binaries they built themselves, whereas with fdroid (at least on the official repo) the fdroid team does the building and signing

that and fdroid has a set of standards for apps, a repo on GitHub doesn't necessarily mean it's FOSS, depending on licensing and including proprietary blobs (many apps submitted have to remove things like Firebase that might be undesirable to have on your system)

| last

| RIP to an unpinned thread. Truly a momentous event in danger/u/ history.

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