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Ask a color-based mod anything.

| As title.

| What color?

| can i eat rainbows ?

| Sorry am colorblind. Who am I talking to?

| Will you let me impregnate you?

| Can i choke on you pls

| Is Stormy the only one who uses green?

| Are aliens gay?

| can we have php dangeru back? -color anon

| can you give me the succ? pretty please

| >>368693 Anon, don't you mean gay-liens?

| >>368468
best color






none shall pass


only if you sign away your life insurance policy to me.






ask prefetcher


you can't afford my rates


See above.

| woah

| My pp hard

| How long until all of /tech/ gets killed off

| >>369349
Pls dont kill /tech/, let it be a containment board

| What is the most cancerous board in your opinion? Besides /tech/ ofc

| >>369349

unknown at this time



| how can logan paul sees purple on the dead guy's hands while he's colorblind

| >>369664

purple is dark, so logan paul is able to see the color on the guy's hand by guessing a color that is darkly shaded.
since color blindedness doesn't effect the shade of a color, only its hue.

| Why does everyone hate tech?

| >>369813

why indeed.

| How high is traffic for this site, & how dramatically has it changed over time?

| Why /new/?

| Awwww, those colors are so cute! >-<
You are the cutest mods, I've ever seen!

| Who are you?

| >>370183

50-100 gb per month.


Because of reasons.




That would be telling.

| >>370592 are you from venezuela

| it's gotta be prefetcher, who else would know the monthly bandwidth of the site. Even Lain doesn't know that.

| >>370595

I am neither from Venezuela nor Osaka.

| >>370733
Hmm, let me guess, you like to hang out at pubs and taverns

| I'm sad, wat do?

| >>371059

It's true, I do love pubs and taverns.


>pats head

There there, everything will be ok.

| do you like my car?

| >>371425
Thanks, I really needed some goodfeels.

| >>371425

| >>371439
>Eurobeat intensifies

| >>371439

gas Gas GAS!


>pats again





| >>371746 can you do ASCII art of the ae-86 and post it, colors included?

| Omae o korosu?

| >>371766
This please sir, can I have more

| >>371766

| Who came out with the idea of /burg/?

| Ya like jazz?


| Do you prefer large or small forums?

| >>371746 how do you write colorful text?

| Have you banned anyone yet?

| Holyofucko batman

R u girl or trap

| Plz read sth with bkack colour.

| Thanks mod, you're relly kind and wholesome ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿

| where does prefetcher live

| Do you plan on finding a way to remove trolls?

| Is it possible to write each letter of a word a different color ? Like a gradient ?

| Will you ever respond again?

| >>000000


| >>375330
it is possible but there is a subtle bug in the parser. First time I tried to do every letter in a different color, it crashed the request thread. I added a check that aborts if it hits the bug, but I still don't know why it happens. So it might be possible, but it might also just stop parsing the tags after the first couple.


| >>375529
I fixed this at the same time as 4.2.2
poland, the brazil of europe

| >>374829 Osaka, everyone who says otherwise is lying

| >>376175

Can confirm, Lain is lying to you. danger/u/ is run by a loli from Osaka.

Sorry for not responding recently, have been busy lately and I still haven't found a way to draw an ascii AE98 on danger/u/. I don't think its possible.

| >>000000

| >>376147
Good enough >:^)


| >>376300
you can use a nonbreaking space for the padding, like this
__          __             __      
\ \_________\ \____________\ \___  
 \  _ \  _\ _  \  _\ __ \ __\   /  
  \___/\__/\__/ \_\ \___/\__/\_\_\ 
        Bedrock Linux 1.0beta2 Nyla
also nice digits

| heck
__          __             __      
\ \_________\ \____________\ \___  
 \  _ \  _\ _  \  _\ __ \ __\   /  
  \___/\__/\__/ \_\ \___/\__/\_\_\ 
        Bedrock Linux 1.0beta2 Nyla

** **
** **
** ** ****
** ** ** ****
** ** * ** **
** * * ** *** **
** * * ** ** *
** ** ** ** **
** ** **
* *
* *
* 0 0 *
* / @ \ *
* \__/ \__/ *
* W *
** **

| Aww shucks

| its 0xa0 not 0x20

| Does Pref browse danger/u/ anymore?

| Is pref actually from Poland or did he/she/it just move there?

| [color=#FF0000]fuck me daddy[/color]

| >>379231
Yo g/u/rl, those are some sick tags.

| Why are we still here?

| >>379734
just to suffer

| Solo or doppio?

| Why was this thread un-stickied?

| >>381501 Probably because the mod who started it didn't want to keep replying.

| >>381510

Fake news.

| Hmm

| >>381582
How many characters have been created and died in /cyb/ ?
Just want a rough estimate, I was just wondering...

| >>371766
I've failed... ;w;


I fall up.

>>372371 >>372469



it is a mystery


i like that old time rock and roll




smol tbh


through the power of PrefSkull


About three actual pedophiles, numerous russian bots, and a few others site wide.




You asked for this.


:3 Thank.


See above.


I am risen.

| >>377193

Yes, but she rarely uses her capcode. She may even be in this very thread, watching over us from her fortress in Osaka.






That's difficult to say. Back when there was a thread devoted to just listing characters, there were about 122+ give or take a few who were recorded, although there were certainly more characters in existence than were ever marked down by their creators.

That thread was discontinued... like... months ago, though. It's safe to say that there could be anywhere from 200 to 300 characters, including fan characters based off other anime/videogames/tvshows/etc.

There have been at least two dozen characters who have been permakilled, left the city, or been rendered unable to operate in the city intentionally by their writers.

However, the average number of /cyb/izens is also far higher than it was in the past- we estimate there to be at least 40 actives at this writing, spread out across twelve discords.

| >>382050
Thank (/◕ヮ◕)/

| >>aaada5
Good to have you back, Colour sensei.

| >>382279 >>382480

Our pleasure.

| My eyes are now blind.

| Which one of you is the best color and why am I now blind

| So how's the ASCII art Panda 86 doing holding up?

| I can't grammar, sry, but I bet you understood the question...

| can i get .onion

| Who is Alice_Rabbit?

| Would you like to help me put degenerates on a cross?, it's very tiring.

| It looks ugly

| Goddamn this thread is dead

| Hi, mod

| How can I get colors?

| Why the fuck did it take so long to implement a captcha?


| It wasn't the first step. We added several invisible protections (xsrf, minor obfuscation, improved banning system, delete all feature for moderators) first. I implemented the captcha in a very short amount of time, but we didn't make the decision to add a captcha immediately.

| >>397481
So you're telling me the spammer was performing CSRF attacks? Or was that just a prevention from you guys?


| >>397529
Prevention on our side. To prevent him hitting the form with a simple curl. He would have to actually download the comments page or board page, parse it (lxml, bs4, nokogiri, etc), and find and extract the XSRF token, then send that in the form. Without doing that, the post would be discarded. That stopped him for about a day and a half. That was the last step before adding the captcha.

| Nice to have a good captcha in place

| >>397541
I'm glad you people are this dedicated to this place.

| How long do you plan on keeping the captcha around?

| >>398145

It would be literally telling the spammer when he will be able to spam again

| Just answer me with bkack colour)

| are you racist? why don't you use black as color?

| If color is solely the way physics describes it, the visible spectrum of light waves, then black and white are outcasts and don't count as true, physical colors. Colors like white and pink are not present in the spectrum because they are the result of our eyes' mixing wavelengths of light.

| is it racist to call you anything other than colour-based @op?

| you asked for it

| Answer me, color based mod!

| If Shinji and Kaworu are gay, but nobody seen them rub each other's feet, did they gay at all?

| >>404045

| >>404045

| why are you such a coloured-american gentleman

| Where is the AE86, though?
Shall I make it myself?

| Textboards or imageboards?

| How many sides in a circle?

| Dogs or pineapple?

| Ohoo

| <span style="color: #00b8ff">Try 1</span>

| >REd?

| </br></div><div><span style="color: lime"> Test 2.</span>

| <div></br>Here<div></div></div><span><span style="color: lime">Our pleasure.</span>

| >bood master
Ok that's all I wanna try. This app need improvements. Notification on Android 0reo, pictures upload, in appropriate/curse word censorship private chat, login system, private forum, etc. I test around and I see that these are the things that you can do to make it better and be the best app ever

| >>419301
0reo notifs: problem with 0reo itself not the app

pictures upload: this is a textboard not an imageboard

appropriate/curse word censorship: this is the internet not you mothers christian facebook group

private chat, login system, private forum: this is an anonymous site

are you fucking stupid or what[\spoiler]

| >>419314 haha lol man wkwkkw I really feel funny reading this bcause ure motherfuckn right bruh

| >>419314 What I mean login system is just by adding username and passwords, no need of email no need of verification!? Lol. And as I want you to know that all if that is optional bro. Not forcing them to add it just suggestions.
Img upload: optional!
Censorship: motherfucking! Optional!
Private chat! Will Not let you loose you motherfucking virginity of anonymity! It will not share your life fucker. This is all freedom speak so I just wanna say it out, fine? Hopefully not banned.

| Good stuff found around here anyway

| >>419328 can't tell if you're acting like a retard or if you really are one

| >>419360 oh hm and
.?.. Ahh ouh.. Lol.

| ‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏

| >>419372 was that meant to be an attempt at the english language

| >>419415 think he might have had a stroke

| Will colourmod-san ever return?

| >>382601
Rip, I'm sorry, hopefully this is easier to read?


Me, obvs.

>>384217 >>384218

No luck, sorry. :c


Ask Pref, that sounds interesting.


A dead mE-
F̵̋̀͊̉̌̑̔͐͊ͬͣ̿͐҉̣̳͖̼̖̫͇͕̜̫̦̣ḁ̴̟̗̜̺̣͍̥̞͈͔̳̪̳̻ͧ̋̿͗̈̓̌ͨ̔̽̓̀͜͜ḱ̡̍̿͌̅͂̄͢͏̗̥ͅͅe̽̎̓͂ͯ̀ͦͩ̄҉̟̼͔͔͕̫̜̪̭̞̤̣̹̩̕͠ͅ ̷͑̆͊̀̀ͪͮ͌ͨ҉̭̰̝͉̲͉͔̞̦͎̺͎͙̘Ņ̢̝̖̟͈̻̻͖͇͉͇̲̖̲ͦ̃͐ͮͤͯ̇͋ͨ́̄̌ͧͪ͊͗̒͢e̢̛̞̺͎͔̗͓͖̩͙͚͈̹̜̮̹̘̝ͤͪ̏ͬ̏͛̃̅͌̾ͨ̔́̚͘͡w̶̵̡̮̟̟̼͓̭̺̦̞͎͉̳̪̝̥̰̞͉͐̇ͪ̄̀͡š̵̡̩̮̯̪̖̟̬̟̹͈͈̖̯͆̒̊ͧͤͭͮ̾̌̇̃̕


It's too late g/u/rl, we're already a degenerate.




What makes you think we weren't? ;3


We don't mind.






The world may never know.


Go for it!


Text boards.


Ew, math.


We can't have both? :C


^_^ We've never left.

| >>421963

| Whoa, he's back

| Who's your favorite anon?

| Why danger u layed down for a couple days?

| >>429691 cp spam from mr.spammer

| >>429691
More importantly, did anything change to stop it going down again?

| do you guys (mods) know each other in real life. or online friends ?

| also what do you think of vahalla

| >>429696 there was no cp.

| >>429705 apparently no.

| How can someone post cp here If this aint an imageboard? Sorry if it is a dumb question. And wtf is REOL?

| >>458629 haha a j pop artist

| >>458678 and what he has to do with someone spamming here? Im só confused

| >>460575
You can post links, so he can link to cp.

Also reol is a great j artist but the spammer is just posting arbitrary shit, the content of what he's posting means nothing, it's the posting itself that is getting this sad little man off.

He's literally doing it for the sake of 'destroying' the site.

| >>460599 oh, now i get, thanks for the explanation <3

| Why are there so many pinned threads, it's starting to get annoying...

| Why aren't there any more pinned threads. There should be more. It's starting to get annoying.

| Why aren't there any more angry burgs. There should be more. It's starting to get annoying...

| >>263cc3 captcha doesn't make it easier ;-;

| Why aren't there any more underaged anime girls. There should be more. I'm starting to think I can get through no nut November.

| Can someone break the Reol spammer, please? The mods must have his IP address. I wanna dox him.

| how do i cope with depression

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